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  1. Hello, I recently purchased a new laptop, Acer Aspire 5 and cannot get Arma 3 to run SPECS Intel i7 8th gen 8GB RAM ddr4 NVIDIA GeForce MX250 Windows 10 (preinstalled) THE PROBLEM I downloaded a number of games to my steam account and all of them seem to run fine except for Arma 3. I can launch the launcher but the game will perform "first time set up" and try to install DirectX, and then whenever I hit "Play" I receive this error a number of times: the code execution cannot proceed because was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem." After clicking through the errors, it finally spits out this: Code: 0xC0000135 - STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND WHAT I'VE TRIED I tried reinstalling the game twice now, I receive the same error. I've tried to check what version of DX I have through something called "dxdiag", i have version 12/it should be all installed properly I tried sfc/scannow and it said there was an error but it couldn't fix the problem I tried sfc/scannow while booted in safe mode and that seemed to work/it was able to fix the problem I tried downloading DirectX installer thing from the microsoft website and doing a manual installation, but it encountered an error while trying to install. could not get this to work Finally figured it might be an issue with operating system so I called Microsoft Support and got a technician to remote into my computer. They futzed around in my machine, verified that all the directX files were installed correctly and determined it was not an issue with the operating system. Now we're all caught up to the present. I am thinking about just refunding this laptop and asking for a replacement. I've submitted something to Bohemia support. Any thoughts from the community about what the issue could be/anyone experienced themselves and found a solution? Much thanks and gratitude. -Hapax
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    Arma 3 Error on Launch -- "Missing" files

    SOLVED Posting to help anyone else who might encounter this issue: Turns out a major windows update needed to happen, but it was not appearing when I clicked "check for updates". I found the option to update further down in that part of the Windows settings. Update took about half an hour and voila, everything worked fine afterwards. Thankful it was just a stupid issue like this and not a more sinister hardware problem or something.