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  1. Hello, I have the sample problem, we are now in 2020 and we can't acces to Options with ASC files https://gyazo.com/257d73ba25ea3939567bc9eebd170144
  2. So, I made my map via L3DT, I finished doing it, so I made a folder with everything I need for the import, however I have a problem to import the Heightfield. I did my research and its would be cause by the georeference. I tried to import in BMP, PNG, JPG, XYZ, ASC and the problem persist. Do you know how I can fix this problem? I have been searching for several hours on all the forums and all the solutions of these forums do not help. I'll put infos for help you. L3DT georeferencing ; https://gyazo.com/9d5ab7555734437be0d7a96e6c291e02 Data from Heightmap ASC file ; xllcorner 0.000000 yllcorner 0.000000 Size ; https://gyazo.com/9995bdd7b854426dc37c6eb88a1afa33 (Map size apro, 90km x 30km) Thank for all helps. (Data for the Heightmap are from https://tangrams.github.io/heightmapper/)