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  1. I have been working on a spawnPoints generation script for my missions, and I have a few issues with it, so I am looking for advice and assistance. I am making it for a general all purpose spawn point generation system, all side mission with many players. The Issues I am having include: - An error when BIS_fnc_removeRespawnPosition is used as I generate it dynamically, and cannot seem to fetch the ID # associated to the object when it is spawned. - An error when respawning on created point at the respawn MenuPosition: BIS_fnc_showRespawnPositionMapDraw Draw Icon: type any, expected string. The fnc is still listed as //TODO in the functions in game, not sure if there is anything that can be done. - And my primary concern is that the new Respawn position seems to remove the existing name off of the initial spawn point, and replace it with the name that should be used for the first BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition; basically switching the two. Edit: Just played an old mission with a different version of spawning respawn positions, and got the same issue can somebody verify this? Also, still unsure how many problems may arise as multiple triggers are fired, multiple fires of the same trigger, and other "Unknown" multiplayer issues can be prevented; Therefore Advice is welcomed. I have spent quite a few days getting this to where it is at currently, as well as searching high and low for examples; so I am attempting to generate my own that basically anyone could use easily. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Trenchcoat

    Help with SpawnPoints script

    Think I found what I was looking for with a random select in my location. I added the variable _id = _newSpn select 1; seems to have grabbed my mystery number that I couldn't seem to locate a command for (Ahh, the simple yet elusive). Now, for me to try to bypass the TODO error I catch on the respawn selection screen, for an unfinished built in script... Hope when they get to it it doesn't require too much repair.
  3. Trenchcoat

    Help with SpawnPoints script

    Well, none of the original variables seem to be recognized as such, so I am just getting errors or null at every turn. I am going to keep digging.
  4. Trenchcoat

    Help with SpawnPoints script

    it looks like they have some of the info set as a variable already, so I am going to try to grab what I need real quick; and see if this "magic" works... I will update hopefully soon.
  5. Trenchcoat

    Help with SpawnPoints script

    Thank you @RCA3It Seemed to work at first, but it deletes the first respawn as soon as another is created. As I am looking to set one at each area, and have them persist unless the area is taken by another faction (it will be running at 30 or so locations at a time). Is there a way to capture the info returned from each creation and store it in the object so that the local object can have the ID number referenced when being removed? I am thinking to store it as a setVariable, but just need to fetch it primarily. I know in the functions for BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition it pulls the ID into another private variable, I am trying to pull that ID out, store it in my own local variable, use setVariable to store in the object and pull it out when the object is removed or factions change. Is it possible to achieve this or something similar?
  6. @Dedmen thank you! That explains it perfectly. Now to just figure out how to retrieve the object ID (and get rid of my error) from a created spawnpoint, and this mission of mine is ready for a major update.
  7. I am attempting to create a rewards script for transport pilots fulfilling their duties. I have it set up to count the passengers, create a starting marker and ending marker, and calculate it, but my waitUntils do not seem to be functioning properly, causing the script to finalize as soon as the Event handler fires. Are Event handlers able to be suspended? Examples: waitUntil {count fullCrew [_vehicle,"",false] >= 2}; waitUntil { ((getPos (_vehicle) select 2) > 25) && (speed (_vehicle) > 30) }; If it is not suspendable, I guess I will have to make addActions for Transport begin, and Transport ended; but if it gets crazy at the LZ, remembering to do that may be a issue.
  8. The only call on the script is to something else, would one "call" function for a different action (to external script) convert the entire script to a not supendable environment? The only execution of the script is via execVM otherwise. Doesn't really make a difference now as I re-wrote it to all addactions, but would be good to know for the future if any call contained inside a script creates a non-suspendable environment.
  9. Trenchcoat

    Help with SpawnPoints script

    So, This is coming along and usable for the time being, but is still throwing the BIS_fnc_removeRespawn position error; and looking for the answer is driving me bonkers. The Wiki says: Return Value:Array - format [target,id] (used in BIS_fnc_removeRespawnPosition) How would I be able to retrieve this information and use the ID to remove and avoid the pesky errors that constantly pop up during mission testing?
  10. You could also use textTiles to display an image over the map screen. I ran through that a week ago here for someone. You would just have to make the image the entire size of the screen. Hopefully this works for you! just go through the section on textTiles and RscTitles. You just set the position as false to make it fullscreen.
  11. Trenchcoat

    What's loading?

    Was Searching through the Interwebs and came across this. Have you tried the eventHandlers "PreloadStarted" and "preloadFinished" Perhaps it will allow the additional processes to complete before loading if you break them up? I don't know if that is what you are looking for, but I am just trying to be of assistance.
  12. Trenchcoat

    Server browser issues

    Is it a home server or hosted? if it is a home based Dedicated, you will want to verify that you have your firewall ports configured for reliable communication. Without setting that your system may have issues with communication to any external sources. By default Arma 3 communicates on ports 2302-2306 UDP and battleye uses 2344 TCP + UDP and 2345 TCP. More info can be found HERE. You may also want to bypass your NAT by using NAT Traversal enabled in your server.cfg as upnp, but make sure you read the info on it, as this may cause a delay as well.
  13. So I was able to get the custom track working. it has to be set at a 128 Kbps constant bitrate before conversion to .ogg, then set at a frequency of 44.100khz. I did all of it by installing Audacity, importing my file then exporting and overwriting the old mp3 as another mp3 with the bitrate changed to 128Kbps Constant. then Re-Importing the mp3 and exporting as .ogg set to 44100khz. Placed that file into a folder in mission folder named "sound". I then created the cfgMusic lines in a file named "ngg_cfgSounds.hpp" this is how it looks: I set the class name the same as the name for simplicity, but it is the class name that you call from your playMusic command. Then is the path to the .ogg file itself so the system can locate it. Per the music creator's wishes I also added his licencing information to the top of the file. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! Always watch the licencing of what you may be using, you don"t want to have to pay for something you used and don't get anything from! Without following the creator's instructions, you can be held liable for Monetary damages without making a profit! Finally, since I added the cfgsounds to an external file instead of directly to the description.ext, I add the line #include "ngg_cfgSounds.hpp" to the description file. This allows the information in the file to be used in the same manner as directly printing to the description.ext, but without the clutter.
  14. Well, challenge is accepted. LOL! Here is a sample mission! I found out that compiling your own music into the correct format is a cruel mistress, and was unable to get the music to operate as planned; so I decided it was easier to use the built in music instead. You can access the list through the debug screen after loading the mission through the editor. Put in the code "utils 4" and execute Local, and it will bring up a window containing the Vanilla music files that you can sample. The box at the top contains the name, class name, and path to the file. By using the command "playMusic" followed by the classname "BackgroundTrack03_F" (formatted like: playMusic "BackgroundTrack03_F";) you can play the track when you want it. By using the code to terminate the music you can end it when you want (formatted like: playMusic "";). you could also start the music at a certain point by making the begin play music an array (E.G. playMusic ["BackgroundTrack03_F", 3] would start the track at 3 seconds in). Also, just a note; custom music would need configured in cfgMusic, but attempting to configure a file that is already configured with Vanilla music breaks the music function. As for the text, in this there is 3 different kinds of examples. The textTiles is for the image display with skulls, and the 2nd being the large Intro Text immediately following. This needs to be set in the RscTitles to provide the path to the image. Sleep commands will take some finesse to set properly (ahh, the loading and watching may get to you after about 15 load ins), but will be how you set the timing. on a very hefty mission, they may react differently, so further adjustment may be required later as well. The next is Structured text which is displayed during the Cinema border display. This needs to be set in the RscTitles to tell the system that there is a hud overlay to be shown, and control some options; but I found the option such as disableUserInput are easier to control from the intro.sqf. I also break the text into colors based on team Side (blue and red) for Welcome, and add a variable to fetch the player name to display as well. This makes for a wonderful way to give tips to players joining the server, but the cinema border interrupts some actions as well. For Example, if you have the cinema border and a player joins combat in progress, they may not be able to escape combat or have a clear visual of the enemy. you can disable movement completely, but for this reason in my own missions I leave disableUserInput alone so at least they can go prone under fire. Finally there is the typeText that I use to display Necessary Genocide and a few tidbits like my name. You can configure with color and such as well, but due to the intrusiveness of the prior texts, I tend to go for a minimally distracting print. I have tried to place some extra space between the first and second lines before, but did not achieve the result I was looking for. I am not sure if the spacing is actually configurable per line, or if they are all attached together as a block that cannot be split (it overlaps the Warlords OSD popups). The text type I have used previously, but not in this example was titleText and infoText. The infoText displays at the lower right side of the screen like in the actual game (Island, time, and date). The titleText function displays across the center of the screen similar to my typeText. Hopefully this gives you something to help you out. I will update this if I can get my own music going and put in for a more elaborate example. Good Luck with the scripting!
  15. The XML file is it's own document, and is only required based on your needs. I used some of the same info above to reference mine during the creation, as well as this Video on youtube by Alias.I went with something much more basic, as I didn't want video in a MP mission. I am not the greatest at stuff like this, so I was in the same boat as you seem to be in currently. What I ended up with was this: Hopefully it helps you out. It took a ton of testing and changes to get it to fit my needs, so you need to use patience. Also, the RSC titles may be placed outside your description.ext, using a .hpp file. As long as you include it (#include "file.hpp") in the description you should be able to cut down on clutter in the description. My dialogs.hpp: Good Luck, and Happy Editing!
  16. You should just be able to use your Admin UIDs from your server.cfg file. When an admin is logged it should enable the extra permissions to that player. If you can't get in as Admin to the specified slot, and it is calling for a player that you do not know, they may be able to get a backdoor to your server, so proceed with caution. Only 1 admin can be logged in at a time, so if you are trying to allow for all squadmates to get that 1 spot, it may not work the way you want it to. I didn't want to use a database for Domination either, so I honestly removed those missions from my server in favor of the APEX framework missions instead as they allow for different tiers of pseudo admin abilities, with similar mission designs. I always try to make sure that I have a full understanding of what is needed in my missions, and why they are needed, before I use them on my server.
  17. Trenchcoat

    What's loading?

    I recently did a text intro to my mission. I started based on info and files from a youtube video by Alias (Script Intro). It contained a time script which I used with mine (the AL_intro\time_srv.sqf). What I ended up with was this: Mine starts with the textTiles and image on the map selection screen (do to my setting RespawnOnStart =1 in description.ext), and the other text will not begin until after unit spawns in. Hopefully something in here helps you.
  18. RespawnOnStart=-1 in description.ext is what I think you are looking for. It will start players at their current positions rather than respawning at start. This thread is really old, you would have had a better chance of getting a faster answer by starting a new thread. Are you using multiple factions as playable, or just west? You could use a trigger with blufor present and a empty marker named "whatever_x". Then in the activation window: [west, "whatever_x"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition; Hope it helps you, and good luck!
  19. I am trying to finish my custom warlords mission, but have ran into a snag and cannot seem to locate the answer I seek. The unoccupied player slots are not able to be disabled due to the "DisabledAI" command breaking the warlords module spawns. Therefore, all the unplayed player slots are just idle until the sector has been assigned, then get teleported near the target by use of BIS_fnc_relPos. I was able to disable the movement by code and set the condition for code activation by the isPlayer command; but due to the base placement, the warlords units spawned still need the teleport ability to avoid a very lengthy swim time. The units should still be able to use all the options if a player takes the slot, or is JIP. I was going to have them utilize the Zen_OccupyHouse if they are staying at base (hopefully I can enable movement and they don't try to just swim there). This is needed for both West and East playable units. Any help to bypass the teleport initialized by Warlords would be wonderful.