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  1. I'm looking for a wanted level script similar to GTA as I want to make an open world scenario. If anyone has any or knows how to do one, let me know. Cheers.
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    Wanted level system

  3. Redfox_40

    Wanted level system

    Seen that before but I want to unpack that specific script and put it into my mission folder. Is that at all possible?
  4. I've tried following video guides, steam discussion guides and nothing seems to work. I've also tried loading my campaign as local mod and it doesn't show up in the Campaigns menu. Any way I can get this to work and anything I may be doing wrong?
  5. Doesn't matter I sorted it.
  6. Yes and for some reason i'm actually getting somewhere now. All i needed to do is copy the config.cpp file from Arma 3 Samples for the Example Campaign and edit it. It's the directory that I need to edit. What do people usually put?
  7. Is there a new version coming out soon? If so, then it would be awesome if you could add more useful scripts and stuff like: Robbing a cash register (as I'm making a new open world scenario cops and robbers) Buying vehicles (unless you've already done that) (Whatever else you're going to add in the next version if you do decide to make one) Oh and money regenerating after a certain amount of time as I've done a bank heist on my cops and robbers scenario.
  8. I try adding this to the civilian that I want to be the trader's init: if (isServer) then { [this, <store type>] call HALs_store_fnc_addTrader; }; but it comes up with an error. What am I doing wrong?
  9. OK Thanks for your help.
  10. I want to make the subtitles look COD style (with a blue name and the rest of the subtitles white). Is it still possible to do that? Thanks.
  11. I have finished a three part campaign and I need to publish it on the workshop. How can I test it beforehand to see if it works instead of asking random people? Any help would be appreciated cheers.
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    Publishing a Campaign

    That's what I did but thanks anyway. I'm sure I'll get an answer soon.
  13. Redfox_40

    Publishing a Campaign

    Thanks but my bad for asking the wrong question. I already tested my campaign, everything works now I need to know how to publish it to steam workshop.
  14. Just want to point this out as I cannot progress on my campaign/scenario until this is fixed. Is there any causes behind this? https://postimg.cc/ZCt2mTdB
  15. No i copied it from the description in a youtube tutorial video
  16. overviewText = "Set 3 years after the events of Altis Falls, the USMC and NATO must conduct joint operations to combat the FIA's dominance of Altis."; overviewTextLocked = "A text of a locked mission."; overviewPicture = "image.jpg"; onLoadName = "Breaking Point"; onLoadMission = "Assist USMC with taking out hostile FIA forces."; loadScreen = "image.jpg"; author = "Z7-Zlam";