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    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    First off, Free new content = amazing. Not only is it free but it is a new unique way to play Arma 3. I've played about 3.5 hours so far and I gotta say it is so cool to see an RPG mode with economics, fast travel, and missions sort of reminds me of Far Cry or GTA. Now I will say there are some issues including saving, the road checkpoints, missions, and FPS. Issue #1: Saving First, let me start with saving, right now the scenario only autosaves at certain points like when you complete an objective which is very irritating at times when you've traveled very far only to die and due to poor saving have to travel that same path again and again till the next save point. Issue #2: Checkpoints Next, I will talk about the road checkpoints and missions, overall the road checkpoints are cool and add to the game as they make you have to think and adjust your play style but they tend to break sometimes and simply not work. At every checkpoint, there are these drones that scan your vehicle and for this to happen you must first drive on the specific path which triggers the script and its mostly hit or miss and sometimes this happens with missions making it impossible to move on. Issue #3: FPS Now a quick note on fps, why is it so low? I understand low fps on multiplayer servers but this is a single-player one person scenario to me it just doesn't make sense but it does not ruin the experience since I'm so used to low fps in Arma 3. Issue #4: Radio Chatter The radio chatter, while you are in trouble with CSAT or the Gendarmerie, gets very irritating as it is simply an audio loop. Suggestions Finally, I'd like to give you some suggestions. First, I think they could add in the holster weapons script with CTRL + H. Second, the flip vehicle script and the tow script would also be nice. Third, Co-op would be an amazing addition. Lastly, the AI could be a little bit smarter. That's it for me I think overall this is a great mod and I believe it will be amazing once it officially releases. Very excited about this one!