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  1. @dreadpirate Oh, I see. I thought I could reduce at a larger range, and spawn the full unit at a closer range. I think that would be a really neat feature, but understandable that you cant do everything 😉 Thanks so much for your answer. Regarding the players; its a bit of a mix. The players will start apart and then try to find each other. I will try around and see if it works out performance wise. Are there technical differences in the way your script caches units compared to e.g. ALiVE (the only other virtualization mod I am familiar with)?
  2. Hi there! I apologize if this question has already been answered somewhere, but the continued support and update for this addon makes it very hard to follow what is a current feature, and what replies are already obsolete (too good support, what a strange thing to complain about....) I am currently trying to build a very large multiplayer mission for a dedicated server, probably spawning close to 50 patrols over whole chernarus. Players are going to move through the map, dispatch patrols, which will respawn after a while. My first question is this: Is JEBUS going to be an appropriate tool for me? I dont understand the different ways mods cache/virtualize units, are there differences in the effect on performance? My second question is more technical: Respawning my patrols works flawless, and so does 'REDUCE='. However, I cant seem to get 'CACHE' to work. I can always see the leader running around on the map, both in Zeus view, but also in the beginning of the mission on the zeus map (without Zeus camera being close to the unit). Here is my init line: 0 = [this, "DELAY=", [1,2], "PAUSE=", 1000, "CACHE=", 1500, "REDUCE=", 750] spawn jebus_fnc_main; PS: maybe this helps. As directed in the first post of this topic, from the latest example mission I did only copy the jebus folder and the description.ext into my mission, not "gaia" or "scripts"
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    Sorry, I guess i wasnt clear. I would like to have different eventhandlers for when the Zombie or Renegade is killed. Something like that: ["CAManBase", "Killed", { params ["_unit"]; if (side group _unit == civilian) then { blablabla lots of code; } else { blablabla different code;}; }] call CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler; but for this to work, i need something to distinguish the Zombies from the Renegades in the if statement. anybody knows anything about this?
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    Hey there! Could somebody explain to me how i can distinguish between the Zombies and Renegades on a code basis? both are on the civilian side, so i cant do anything with that. Are they of a different group? i am trying to create different "killed" eventhandlers for zombies and renegades...
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    @chernaruski I disabled them because if I don't, AI units indiscriminately use ALL rhs and cup weapons und equipment. I want them to use exclusively the gear that I define in the arrays. Is that not possible? @Barmalei75 acknowledged, which is one of the reasons I want a very defined lot set. I took great care choosing ammo and weapons that do not mix the mods.
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    Hi folks! A couple days ago I stumbled across this wonderful mod, and started creating my own mission in it. I am using CUP and RHS, however, I try to create my own restricted gear pool because the variation in those mods are just over the top. Because of this, I switched off all content, and defined my own loot pool as you can see in this screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxiewcc2c5m0oax/107410_20191212223007_1.png?dl=0 With these settings I am running into problems though. First, if I run a mission with only ambient zombies, and no ambient AI, I am getting this error message: Error Undefined Variable in Expression: _magazine File ravage/code/scripts/system/gear/gearpool.sqf..., line 312 https://www.dropbox.com/s/zh1i1vvxaqqzup6/107410_20191212223055_1.png?dl=0 Second, if I do use ambient AI, the AI is using the weapons I defined, but not the uniforms. Instead they dont wear anything. I am also getting error messages like the previous for all kind of different classes. Could somebody explain (or point towards an explanation) how the gear pool module works? Will AI units not use uniforms defined as in the screenshot above? Where can I list magazines? (So far I listed them under "Common items") Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!