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  1. Bongripsonly

    Come on man

    Well im gonna make my free decision to stop playing and uninstall soon as i run outta materials from crafting ammo lol when the guns jumped in price i just stopped crafting guns cant just stop crafting bullets. Im not the best player so i actually use my materials only have 300k so shouldnt be long and ill be out
  2. Bongripsonly

    Come on man

    Are you guys ever going to stop messing up my favorite game.. Every time you guys do an update i cant help but think to myself do these guys ever pick up a controller and actually see how your changing the quality of the game.
  3. Bongripsonly

    This game tho

    I hate that i love this game so much I'm willing to deal with all the crashes it puts me through. The whole video memory thing never happened till Christmas update and this type of crash is the one i receive the most any eta on removing the Christmas decor? Idk if thats the cause of it or not but surely couldn’t hurt right?
  4. Bongripsonly

    Hazmat suit

    Can we please get an option to not wear the headgear with the hazmat suit? I love the suit but id rather not be heard breathing from 20 m away even if your just standing or laying somewhere and half stamina your still huffing and puffing
  5. Bongripsonly

    Video memory

    xbox one s
  6. Bongripsonly


    Its bad enough people hide in bushes but it’s becoming more and more common where i cant loot someone in a bush after i kill them. Even after finding the sweet spot theres just an x that i cant interact with. Or the x doesnt pop at all and theres just a white dot. Ive ben playing a couple months now and just kinda wondering if theres even a hope in sight that this can be fixed.
  7. Bongripsonly

    Video memory

    Out of video memory crashes? Obviously the games fault right? Never had a problem till the update..
  8. Bongripsonly

    Akm bug

    would be great to not have to stand to reload my akm
  9. Bongripsonly

    Battery Draug

    Before 1.2 update batterie draug was great after it was terrible. Excited to hear about it getting better again. Cant wait to try it tonight.
  10. Bongripsonly

    Running out

    running out of materials now.. fix your game
  11. Bongripsonly


    ETA on fixed loot or should I just get use to it? Use to be my fav game...
  12. Bongripsonly

    Vigor destroyed In one swoop

    Adrs are only so common because you use to be able to get 15 in one stack now it’s only 3. Besides the 6 hour wait is ridiculous I’ve never even tried to craft an adr because of that
  13. Bongripsonly


    The raise in the materials to make items is insane. I can understand some of the changes do to a lot of people boosting lobbies but a few just really kill the game for me
  14. Bongripsonly


    You guys are really doing your best to mess this game up...