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  1. Also I have noticed that AI have troubles moving into camps now, when you tell them to move to a camp (to capture it), they just stop 5-10 meters near it. This didn't happen before the patch, I have received same report from few of our players. They just say "Ready" when they are near the camp, but not at it's capture range. Any possibility to fix this still?
  2. Yes, seems it was battleye, seems to be happening on ArmA3 as well... weird.
  3. Also, after the patch, my system goes black for like 2 seconds and OBS, some nvidia stuff crashes for no reason. Newest driver. Also I got headtracking with PS3 Eye camera and delanclip yesterday. Worked fine, until I started arma. I tried rebooting, didn't help, it doesn't detect the camera. Replugging helps but I'd like not to go back of my pc to replug the camera every single time I boot ArmA2 oa. This is ridiculous. Fix the things or just go back to the old version. It worked fine. No one asked for this, it doesn't do any things better than the old patch did.
  4. Well, look at this. It was before, 2, STEALTH ALL, ARE TEAM RED ALL, ENGAGE AT WILL READY Now it's just all not capitalized... If you change anything, atleast give us a option to go back. Text like "all, are TEAM RED" are really confusing and not the arma I played before. Also, there is something that broke the server today which we never encountered before it seems. I can not confirm this because I were not playing that time (I read it from discord). For us, the largest non dayz server on Arma 2 still, the patch just made things worse. I hope you can roll out a hotfix for this one.