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    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    Arma and VR, just doesn't seem to be a match.
  2. britforce

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    I was playing around with Reforger a little when visiting my brother over the weekend. He doesn't like Reforger much and to be honest I don't care to much for it either, however it is pretty though. But I can see where BI are pushing the game, make things fit younger players, which will probably seem easier to them, as they came through school doing computer studies or whatever. Problem is many of us old players (over 50/60), have a problem with tech like that. The 2d editor in arma 2 which our group uses and have gotten used to for over 15yrs, isn't as friendly as arma 3's eden, but both are fairly straight forward to use, with basic scripting here and there. I'm sure given time the new engine and mission editor (should there be one), will seem easier after being used for some time, but lots of us oldies don't want to have to re-learn stuff. I'm glad we stuck with arma 2 it does everything we need without taking time from gaming to much.
  3. britforce

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    Yes there was a 3d built in but not used, had to tickle some keys to get into it. But if I recall there was a modder that expanded it. Ctrl-E for the stock one.
  4. britforce

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    Yep we have that for arma 2 although don't use it now. I like the 2d still for 2.
  5. britforce

    [Poll] ArmA Reforger / Arm4

    Your right concerning the editor, although they had a very reasonable editor in ofp-elite on the original xbox iirc. Nowhere near like the pc version (ofp) of that time of course. Consoles have moved on a pace over the years, so they should get a good editor for arma 4, should arma 4 be on console. As to getting reforger or not. I got over helping the cause a while back, I have all the titles in this series inc ofp-elite (xbox) & all dlc's, plus TOH, TOM, CC even ylands, I stopped at that. No not this Reforger, there would have to be good ai to even consider it, which by all accounts so far, it hasn't got. But I watch the videos and its pretty, but that was the least of the things I wanted really. I couldn't vote on the poll, not sure I'll get 4 yet, if I'm still alive and kicking to bother or indeed remember.
  6. Landrover based vehicles 101 110 __ Bedfords Stalwarts Centurian FV180 CV sigs FV432 FV434 FV438 FOX Ferret Saracen Harrier Can be found under BAOR (ingame) can't recall what they come under file wise. BAFX for: Challenger Cheiftain FV342 Scimitar Scorpian Spartan Warrior Lynx Scout Gazelle etc UK Armed forces: Jackal Landrovers (various) Apache Chinook etc WGP will either have those up or they will be up at some stage in the Arma 2 thread here on the forums. Just have to look through. Also up there will be the IRA if the Irish troubles is an era your wanting. Infact everything arma 2 related will be on wgp's archive we would imagine, knowing their data base for this series esp arma 2/oa/dlc's. Edit: TRH could be BAOR iirc.
  7. Arma 3 mods slipping in a little wgp in this batch, though your right to leave them there. Don't bother to highlight them, anyone that dl's them will soon find out. Great job.
  8. britforce

    New informations or announcement soon?

    Who do you consider 'core community' ? And if they were core, why did they leave ? Regards the thread, wait till 17th and keep fingers crossed.
  9. @WGP great job. Hope our small input helped. 🙂
  10. Yes your right, this forum makes up a small portion of the playerbase I would think. I come from the continous wargaming side of the series. We play v's ai almost always and use a points system to progress sides within the world. We work within a limited number of terrains, but more than enough to build a comprehensive gaming world. I don't think there is any actual right or wrong way to play the series, with the editor you can develop a way to play that suits you and your friends playing style. That is the beauty of the series in general I think.
  11. britforce

    Looking for the KAI mod

    Good luck. ;)
  12. britforce

    You've played to much Arma when:

    To be truthful, health is what will stop quite a few from playing, probably dexterity issues. I think on the whole players are probably at the older end of the gaming scale. So those that played ofp and each version beyond that, who perhaps were in their 20/30/40's when it came out, are pushing anywhere between 40-60+ yrs old now. I'm at the top end of that scale and age helps very few of us, dexterity wise.
  13. britforce

    Looking for the KAI mod

    Yeah there are very few videos about now. Our group got it really through word of mouth via the wargaming network. We looked at the website they had up (2015'ish) and saw the 40+ videos they had on there, plus all the written information and we were hooked. Luckily we got in, mainly because we play that style of game. I can't give any worthwhile info on the mod regards how to get it, because I don't think they are taking any more groups on. That is why I put him/her/them, direct to the right source. There are a couple of old videos still knocking around from way back, but they're so out of date they're not worth bothering with. Most of the videos are on the community board.
  14. I think the playerbase has changed quite a lot.
  15. britforce

    Looking for the KAI mod

    They're on here just look them up and pm. BTW where did you see kai being played ?
  16. britforce

    Arma3 Videos

    I'll head over to yt and have a look at these. 🙂
  17. britforce

    Looking for the KAI mod

    Yes kai is a private mod designed for continuous wargaming. WargamingPlus were the group that instigated kai so pm @wgp. But don't get your hoped up.
  18. Yeah, I hear what your saying, I will probably wait until later in the year. We play mainly arma2 so I'm in no rush.
  19. This seems pretty good. So do you think intel is still the way to go for this series ? I'm upgrading some time soon, not sure which way to go to be honest.
  20. britforce

    Ready or not - new tactical shooter!

    Well thought out game where your squad ai is concerned. Friendly ai is good, moves well, easy to get orders done. Enemy ai on the other hand are not so good.
  21. Me too. I need to upgrade this new year, so interested in as many results as pos.
  22. britforce

    setUnitPos "UP" not working

    this setUnitPos "UP" or indeed name the unit fred setUnitPos "UP"
  23. End of an era though. 😞 But probably for the best. I also hope they put time into the ai.
  24. britforce

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    So your going to list those you don't have, when comparing to AH/AA site ? (of course there will be a large overlap) I assume the list of those missing will go up here on this forum ? This is a good way of going about it.