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    Ideias de mudanças

    Good Morning! After playing a lot of vigor, see the most accurate game, to keep the game online, below are my suggestions: 1st Control: literally, there is no function in the game, you only need the creation table, generator and wind turbine; this if the player likes to "create" their weapons. What could be improved could also have a more useful function. 2 ° Why not a skill tree? If no game or player is a gun face, he calls every time he goes down a mountain to get "SUPPLIES" something that doesn't happen, because only the PVP rolls, so each time you go down something you can do for example; Greater stability at aim time (no air interruption), longer breathless time, more power to carry more supplies without tired smp, firing accuracy (as it kills), sharper listening, etc ... 3 ° Equip and disassemble weapons; The game already delivers a ready-to-use weapon, because no new items are added, you can also collect sights, barrels, sight lasers, fists, silencers, longer or faster combs (this can be done as loose ammunition in the backpack, and obligatory or player to carry the loader and if the ammo runs out and he finds more loading options that are not loaded), of course each weapon will be a lower or higher recoil as used. 4 ° Bots in the matches, the game is already very exciting and without challenge, because you enter the lottery and the camper or the safe, antenna or fall, with the bots (difficult, similar to players), besides having their weapons and some serve in the backpack, would set fire or PVP since it would not know who is bot and who is player, making the objectives of the game difficult. 5th Quests: The game must be executed in more detail within the game in addition to the reward for showing off and you will release items for the weapons. 6th a market, in addition to the player would trade for other items, make them feel allotment. 7th backpack with more or less space, all depending on her level of rarity. 8 ° above character level, each level above is upgraded from items cited in (second idea). These are my tips for the game and would attract a lot of players, since nowadays almost nobody wants to get into a match and after that aim and shoot. thankful Att, Tarkov 97