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  1. My Linux dedicated Server outputs too much unnecessary data like errors or warnings. I couldn't see how many players were on the server and chat history Because the warning and error messages filled the screen. I just want to see the player's connection and chats like a Windows dedicated server. Is that possible? I use this command to run the server. ./arma3server -config=server.cfg
  2. ("O_IRStrobe" createVehicle position this) attachTo [this,[0,0,0]]; Put this on init field of the ammo box. If you want to adjust relative position of IR strobe and ammobox, adjust [0,0,0].
  3. When the administrator does not connect to the server, I would like the server to automatically ban the cheater. Is it possible if I set to BattleEye = 1; in the server.cfg? Or what else am I supposed to do?
  4. I solved this by making a Vehicle. 1. attach the object to the rope. 2. create a vehicle that can create a rope. (check vehicle list here : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ropeCreate/transport) 3. And create a rope in the Vehicle. 4. then attach created Vehicle to object. It's not the best solution, but it looks pretty good if you adjust the offset well. code : _ropeUp = ropeCreate[_vehicle,[0,0,0],_length]; private _glue = "PaperCar" createVehicle [0,0,0]; _glue allowDamage false; _ropeDown = ropeCreate [_glue,[0,0,0],0]; _glue attachTo [_unit,[0,0,0]]; [_unit,[0,0,0]] ropeAttachTo (_ropeUp); If you want to place an object on the top of the rope, decrease the length of the _ropeUp and increase the length of the _ropeDown . If you want to place an object at the bottom of the rope, do the opposite.
  5. I'm making fast roping script, and i used "ropeAttachTo" to attach rope with unit. The problem is, I can only attach it to the end of the rope, not the middle. how can i attach a object to the middle of a rope?
  6. hello, i'm new here, and I just started scripting, and I think it's fun. i have some basic question. what does "thisList select 0" in "on activation" of triggers mean? i'm not sure but i guess it is an object that triggered it. Where can I see the ordering rules of thisList? Please excuse my poor English..