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  1. Iwanttolikethisgame

    people camping at exit spots

    Ha gold crate. When does that happen. I guess if you can’t beat em join em. I’ll see you at the exit.
  2. Iwanttolikethisgame

    people camping at exit spots

    All I got from your reply was “ blah blah blah I’m a dirty exit camper”. I’ve previously read all the comments here. I know how to combat the exit camper strategy. 2 out of 3 times I can escape them or kill them. When I do kill the dirty ingrates they generally don’t have very much in their inventories. This tells me they lack any real skill in the game. They are too afraid to go out and get the stuff cause they know they suck. So they hide in a pine tree waiting for a real player to come along and try to scum kill them. Can I block the exit camper? Steel sharpens steel. I only want to play with skilled players. I’m tired of wasting my bullets on dirt lol.
  3. Iwanttolikethisgame

    Shit Game

    It’s free to play. It means you don’t have to give them money to play it. What’s the cheating glitches?
  4. Iwanttolikethisgame

    people camping at exit spots

    Exit campers are the reason why I quit this game. It’s a toxic move and will kill off this games player base quicker than the bugs and glitches. It’s one thing to die while getting the loot crate, I expect that fight but having some cheese ball player camp the exit and kill you after you’ve ran around for 12 minutes collecting mats, lame. Fun game otherwise. Too bad people who can’t play ruin it for everyone else.