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  1. nnnnnnnnnnnn1


    Yeah, the amount of players now using this gun in basically every encounter has forced me to also use it. I'll take a sniper like the AUG-DMR but my primary is still the Suomi.
  2. nnnnnnnnnnnn1

    Recoil inconsistent

    I agree , i think the recoil is inconsistent for weapons that have Semi-Automatic & Fully-Automatic firing modes. If you're firing a gun in Fully-Automatic mode but as a semi-automatic then why should the recoil be any different? I presume it is just the devs way at creating a balance for the firearms that apply to this but i find it weird. Most weapons I've come across don't suit fully-automatic anyway so i tend to just ignore it.
  3. nnnnnnnnnnnn1

    Problems, bugs and general issues with Vigor.

    I hope the game does get continued support from Bohemia and isn't just relegated to the shelves for months and months. Personally, i don't care to much about the crates because i believe the challenges give enough. This might just be for my experience but so far I've gotten a crate with all of my challenges upon completion. I really want to see the Devs focus on the response time between presses and in game action as well seeing the glitch of the aim being locked in certain circumstances, or when sprinting then crouching then firing has resulted in my character automatically standing up and then siting down when i reload. Etc etc But yeah, i agree the community needs to be patient and continue giving feedback and not discourage others from giving the game a go since it'll only hurt those that play this game but also Bohemia if there isn't enough growth.
  4. nnnnnnnnnnnn1

    Random Teaming

    I've had a similar game when me and a random waved at each other, we ended up sticking together and fighting against everybody else until we were the only people left on the map. I let him have the airdrop and we looted what was left of the map before a final wave good bye. It was a pretty nice experience. There was another moment when at the military base me and a random waved at each other, not long after another random open fire on us. We worked together to kill this "Bandit". I typically kill on sight, trying to be friendly has gotten me killed more times than i care to share. But there are these moments that remind me that it isn't impossible to be friendly. ( Link to the video of me and random working together to kill the "bandit" URL: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/nnnnnnnnnnnn1/video/78665242 )
  5. nnnnnnnnnnnn1

    people camping at exit spots

    Campers in general are annoying, the bushes and tree coverage can be so thick that i expect certain death! When traversing the forest aha, does anybody else feel the same?
  6. nnnnnnnnnnnn1

    Hit Detection

    The pain! As a player in Oceania! I've ended up in North American games, where the lag can be so bad none of my bullets will hit even if i am side by side with them.
  7. nnnnnnnnnnnn1

    Auto firing bug

    This happened to me as well with the Sumoi SMG.