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  1. I'm sitting on one for 15 melee kills for 2 gold crates. Gonna be a cold day in hell before I get that one done.
  2. Azzkicker527

    Additional Crown Gain Methods

    I agree, I understand it's a free to play game and they want people to spend money on something to help support their continued efforts. But as you mentioned the current cost of boosts is too high to risk spending real money on. I was recently part of my first 700% boosted loot game and was killed in 13 seconds. Had this cost me real money I would have probably needed a new controller too. This game has a ton of potential and with any luck they will continue to help it evolve.
  3. Azzkicker527

    Shorten Challenge Timers

    The timers for the challenges should be shorter after one is completed. Having 3 per day is really low especially when you can get 3 that aren't worth anything but food. I would suggest 1 hour for a new one if completed and 3 hours if it's removed. The challenges can help players try different things which will help keep the game fresh.
  4. Azzkicker527

    Insurance Needs To Go!

    How this is exploitable? The cost of crowns for insurance is arguably too high as it is. And anyone going in just to let a teammate get some gear can go ahead as far as I'm concerned. It's two less people per encounter you have to deal with. The gain isn't worth the cost for either player involved. You can be decked out with the games best weapons and gear and still get dropped by someone 10 seconds out of your spawn.
  5. I am really loving this game but any encounters without loot boosts are pretty slim compared to even a two level boost. I had a challenge that earned me 160 crowns, but I had to use 5 boosts to get it. So I spend at least 150 to get back 160. Not much of a reward, granted the idea is to trigger others into increasing the loot level but with crowns being so limited on their gain this doesn't happen much. The shelter gains are pretty sad, you start at 10 per day and the max is just over 20 for 12 levels! Not even enough to boost one match per day? The shelter gains should at least be 30 per day to start and increase to at least double if not triple when fully leveled. Maybe add more challenges for crowns (that don't ask you to use them to get them) or even add them as obtainable loot during an encounter. It'd be great to loot random car and get 18 crowns or so.
  6. Azzkicker527

    Health needs to be lowered

    Health is perfectly fine as it is. As others mentioned above, you get hurt on the smallest of ledges and really hurt on medium ones trying to get away from someone. The shotguns are absolute garbage outside of 10ft or more. If your getting owned by them you're not being mindful of your engagement distances.
  7. Azzkicker527

    Do something about teamkilling

    This should be an expected problem for anyone new to the game. It's an achievement on Xbox (assume the same other platforms) so anyone simply looking to get them all will load in just for this. Also for literally brand new players, the first challenge is an outlander kill which can be your teammate giving people a two for one. I let two of my friends kill me just to get it out of the way, obviously I wasn't carrying anything I could lose. But this wasn't a well thought out challenge and it encourages this to happen at least once to just about everyone.
  8. Azzkicker527

    The ability to lean around corners with your gun

    Expected this to be something we could do after watching the game trailer. You can clearly see someone firing behind a crate. I understand it's a trailer but even if it was really inaccurate, it could give someone a window to make a strategic move.
  9. Azzkicker527

    Aiming is nonexistent

    Agree, the challenges are pretty hard given the deviation of some of the weapons. But at the same time, some are very good so I'm glad the range is there to practice a bit. I was a bit surprised by some though, the G3 is horrible and I can't understand why it's a blue rarity weapon. I personally think all of the sidearms are useless, none of them can get a one shot head kill regardless of range.
  10. Azzkicker527


    I like this idea, seems simple too which is always a good thing.