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  1. The only gun I've found that has ridiculous, unbelievable recoil in the game is the AUR Para... for a 9mm submachine gun, that thing is crazy. Pretty much unusable in full auto. And the 5.56 Aug has minimal recoil... doesn't make much sense... I think they may have accidentally mismatched the recoil on the two AURs...
  2. Gargantucon


    Maybe it was just a good shot. All it takes in this game is one headshot to kill, even if it's a lucky headshot...
  3. Gargantucon

    Additional Crown Gain Methods

    @SCF SHARP SHOTEither way is a means to the same end... I could live with 10 crown boosts but right now like I said, prices for in-game hats and what-not are insane. I could never bring myself to spend $20 on a measly skin item like a hat... maybe if they developed a set of gear or items where the proceeds went to disaster recovery and aid, but not otherwise.
  4. Gargantucon

    Additional Crown Gain Methods

    Also, I was getting a lot of challenges for green, blue, and purple chests. This past week or so, the challenges have just been for resources. Is that something that happens for people when they first start Vigor, or have the devs just adjusted the rewards for fewer chests via challenges for everyone?
  5. Gargantucon

    Additional Crown Gain Methods

    So it hit me this weekend. I think I saw an in-game beenie sometime this past week for over 500 crowns. Maybe 560 crowns. So if you have no crowns at all, that would cost you $20 for two $10/310 crown packs. I'm sorry, but that's just insane. $20 for an in-game beenie is just f'n nuts. I bought one with the crowns that I had left over from the starter pack not even realizing how much I was actually spending. I mean, beanies IRL on Amazon are like $5. I could see spending a dollar or two, but come on. The starter pack rates seemed about right at 500 crowns for $10 and a bunch of in-game skins ($5 for 500 crowns and $5 for 5 skins.) Stick with that price range and I might spend some more money, but right now, in-game prices are insane.
  6. @Josh EadsWhen I first started shooting IRL sway and recoil seemed pretty intense, so kinda like it in-game, but I also think getting gold medals with weapons at the range should increase your overall handling of a weapon and reduce sway and recoil a bit with each medal earned. Kinda like, you spend more time with a gun, you get more experience and practice with it, you get better at using it.
  7. Gargantucon

    Additional Crown Gain Methods

    I definitely think crowns should be lowered to at least 500 for $5.00... Just over 310 just doesn't cut it for me. I think if they lowered their prices they'd sell more.
  8. @Deadlee1That kinda sounds like there might be a problem with your controller? I can just tap and release the trigger on full auto for 2 or 3 round bursts...
  9. Gargantucon

    Dverg Forest always disconnecting

    Try getting kicked immediately after donating crowns or getting stuck between a cargo box and a pole with your best gun on... lol... I think things will get better... I'm hoping at least!
  10. @Deadlee1Add an option to turn off the trigger hold auto fire? Not sure what you mean there?
  11. @xMoDz MaSoN K xYou can swap in-game by pressing Y button or by pressing and holding right bumper I believe. I'm not 100% sure because I'm not using an Xbox controller, but I believe holding right bumper brings up the weapon wheel and left bumper brings up the first aid wheel. Y switches weapons, but it's wonky. Like I think it will switch between the weapons in the top and right slots of the weapon wheel unless you have something in the bottom slot of the wheel, in which case Y button swaps between the top and bottom slots of the weapon wheel and you have to access the left and right weapon slots via the weapon wheel. Typically I just take a shotty and an AR with me in the top and right weapon slots and with that loadout I can swap between the two using Y button.
  12. @bobbysoulzI figured as much... we should be able to use it for whatever we want... it'd be nice to take some weapons home from kills and various loot boxes without having to give anything up.
  13. @OldninjaI had to lay down for the ES16, ADS, use single shot (semi-auto, which I use pretty much exclusively,) and just spend time practicing the target acquisition and accounting for bullet drop. It's not that hard once you get a feel for it!
  14. Also, why, when I roll out with only a shotty and an AR (only two rifles taking up only two slots,) can I not pick up any more rifles w/o exchanging them for the one of the two I have equipped when I still have two open slots available???
  15. 1. SUNGLASSES!!!! 2. Getting gold with weapons should reward you with something. Maybe attachments in the future, but at least ammo and/or a few of that particular weapon. I got a reward for my first gold with the PM-1 challenge, but got nothing for getting gold in all four tiers of the ES16.
  16. All of the above! It's nice to have a range to go shoot at while your teammate works on their loadout and shelter though!
  17. Gargantucon

    Loving the Game So Far!

    Devs, I hear a lot complaints about the shooting, but to me it seems pretty spot on. Recoil and accuracy are a big deal with real weapons and can be difficult to manage. On the upside, you can change to semi-auto mode on most weapons and you have a range with challenges built-in to practice with. I think people are just too used to arcade and space shooters and can't fathom the realism. That being said, I only have a few suggestions: 1. Unlockable weapon attachments. Maybe through gun challenges and leveling up? 2. Hair and facial hairstyles. 3. Some way to refund Crowns when you donate to the cause and then get kicked from the server. 4. Randomized encounter crate levels... like a lottery of sorts. Donations increase the odds of the crate being better.