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    people camping at exit spots

    when i started playing and it still happens now, there are loads of people just waiting at exit points for you to kill you whie you vault/ climb a ladder, basicly at moments you cant pull out a gun. they stay there to let other gather stuff and go for easy kills. this is killing the new playerbase because if this keeps happening to them and they keep losing everything they just stop playing. i would recomend making those area's gun free, also once you go in there you cant go back, or make it when a person is in the area of the exit ex: behind a rock or op a ledge where they cant been seen from unless you vault or climb the ladder) make it that they are spotted if they stay in the area after 10 sec, moving should not refresh the timer. this should help people know when there is a lame ass waiting for them at a point and so they can go somewhere else where there isnt one. they should be spotted on the map for everyone to.