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  1. Hopefully they add all of this
  2. Nathaniel James

    people camping at exit spots

    Use the signal tower when you can so you know where people are. Radiation takes a long time to come in even after the crate drops.
  3. Enjoying the game so far, looking forward to the new updates seeing what you guys add. Here's a few suggestions you may or may not have planned. - Mailing system, similar to Diablo’s. Being able to share resources with friends that are just getting into the game. Can limit what can be traded to still make them have to work towards certain items. - Trading, my buddy always needs something I have or vise versa. Even a drop on ground would work. - Shelter Visitors, feel like it would be better to have your friend/partner able to visit Que in a lobby at team leaders shelter. The cosmetics at the shelter are kind of worthless if you can’t show them. Seeing that there’s a customize option coming out I’m assuming you guys might add that. - 4v4, more competitive mode and able to play with more friends instead of just a duo. - 6v6 + mode, self explanatory. I’ve played a lot of Arma, I think if done correctly everyone is still going to play tactically. This game isn’t PUBG, if you are playing it as if it is. You aren’t going to do well against tactical players. - add more items to craft, don’t limit it, just keep on adding new things to craft, name them whatever if you have to for copyright purposes.