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    @crs24 We were at opfor base, the capture was at 55%, or more. All the while, the desperate, obstinate, totally unrealistic opfor team was spamming out unarmed orcas and howering those helicopters over terrotories blufor had captured from them earlier. By the time our capture of their base was at 25%, the opfor helicppter crew and other opfor units had captured anthrakia, rodopoli, agios petros, ionina, ghost hotel. All we had remaining was gergios base. There was an enemy saboteur, by the name of "extendo", on our team. He tried to divert me from driving my slammer up over to the enemies base, saying that I should take command of the sam system on lakka factory hill. Well hell, man. There were no enemy aircraft to fire on, I've got no time for this, I'm rolling on to seize the enemy base! So this extendo traitor became concerned, his precious team that he was trully alegiant to, was going to loose. So after blufor forces had made landing at the opfor base and captured to about 50% ( we were almost at victory after HOURS of struggle, HOURS OF STRUGGLE!!!!! ) the enemy spy on our team called a sector reset. The 2000 cp price limit you mentioned meant NOTHING AT ALL in this scenario, because the enemy saboteur had been collecting 500 cp a minute for maybe 3 hours. The cooldown you mentioned meant nothing as well in this situation, that one sector reset at the point he called it forced us to have to recapture anthrakia, rodopoli, agios petros, and other points before we could target opfors base again, this would potentially take HOURS to acomplish. All the things you brought up claiming to be defenses against abuse are totally ineffectual against committed saboteurs / trolls, and such people are the reason this matter is even being brought up at all in the first place. Sector resets in the fashion they currently are facilitated are broken. Anyhow, so after the enemy spy called the sector reset that would force blufor to engage in recaptures that could potentially take hours to complete, myself and one friend realized , that with the drone fast travel denying exploits and the enemy sending in vote reset traitors, that the mission was totally compromised by unscrupulous and toxic people, who were only able to commit their abuses via broken game mechanics, so we left. End.
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    Sector resets need to be reworked / reconfigured. A suspected troll from the enemy team, "extendo", reset the sector just as Blufor was capturing Opfour base. Anyone can come from the enemy side onto our team and call a sector reset, not to mention the abundant supply of trolls who show up on our own side. sector resets should be like vote kicks meaning, that a majority of people have to vote before a reset can even be selected. One person being able to call a sector reset, and potentially sabotage a whole team is ridiculous. Also we have found more exploits which must be removed Opfor flew an ar-2 uav to our main base, flew it up to an altitude so high that people on the ground could not aim up to shoot it, and prevented players from fast traveling from the base because "enemies are nearby". This was an obvious attempt to shut down our team from exiting the main base, while we were one sector away from victory. Enemy Uav's, ar-2's, al-6's, whatever!, should not prevent fast travel. I had to call in a cheetah and an ai to take that drone at the main base out it was the ai, paradropping at the main base that finally removed the troll, exploiter drone from the main base. This is ridiculous. Surely someone in the right position can fix this. All it takes is one troll who calls a sector reset to sabotage the whole team's victory. The need to fix the sector reset cannot be ignored if this mode is to have any future at all. Otherwise the game will just be cancer, thanks to exploiters and trolls. That is all. End.