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  1. I've had challenges that gave me single blue crates, a challenge that gave me three basic crates, and one that gave me 75 crowns. Also some that only offer food. The food ones are annoying since its worthless at the moment. They're not even easy so I don't bother with them; I just replace them.
  2. CG96

    Dverg forest map broken

    That's weird. I've played it plenty. I can assure you it works.
  3. CG96

    people camping at exit spots

    This good advice. I generally won't go for a crate without having used the tower at least once in the match. The game seems to play around with spawn patterns. Sometimes entire sections of the map will be empty.
  4. CG96

    people camping at exit spots

    I don't like them either but it's part of the game. Learn to deal with it. Approach more cautiously and avoid exits near the drop zone. Also why anyone in their right mind would use the exit with the ladder is beyond me. You pretty much have to expect to get shot there.
  5. CG96

    Gun Glitch when shooting

    It's known glitch. The server doesn't immediately detect that you've let go of the trigger for some reason. I've been sticking with the Thompson on semi auto and doing well.
  6. Restart the game, if that doesn't work restart your xbox. People on reddit have mentioned the issue is the cloud data not syncing
  7. CG96

    Health needs to be lowered

    The health is fine. I lose half my health sometimes just falling off rocks and what not wandering around. Most of the better rifles will kill a full health player in 2-3 shots to center mass. If you're dying to the shotguns that much it means you're getting to close to people. Try being sneaky or keeping your distance. Also almost all of the automatic weapons are more effective on semi.
  8. I tested it this afternoon. I picked up an M2 Carbine again and it had 29 rounds with it. Loaded the rounds. Made sure my inventory wasn't even half full when I left. Still lost all 29 rounds. This is a problem.
  9. So if I want to keep loaded ammo I need to leave an inventory slot free?
  10. CG96

    The ability to lean around corners with your gun

    If nothing else it'd be nice if we could open doors while standing off the to side a little more. Just expand the range in which the prompt will appear.
  11. I've been going into matches unarmed and hunting for weapons to stockpile and noticed an ammo glitch. If you pick up a weapon that has ammo with it, then load the weapon with said ammo, you will not get that ammo back in your inventory at the shelter. So for instance in one match I found a 1911 with 15 rounds of ammo. I loaded it with 8 rounds in the match. I left without firing a shot. When I go to my workbench to empty my loadout the 7 rounds of .45acp I didn't load are there, but the other 8 I loaded are gone. Happened with an M2 Carbine as well. In that case the carbine had 22 rounds of ammo with it when I found it, which I loaded into it. When I got back to the Shelter I had the carbine in my loadout, but no .30 Carbine ammo.
  12. CG96

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    I really hope they don't do this. It's not fair to those of us using controllers to have to fight people who point and shoot with a mouse.