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  1. I'm trying to make server files for my dedicated server however I can't seem to figure it out. I have a folder named ServerSide with test.sqf in it, and execVM "ServerSide\test.sqf"; says the file is not found. Is this folder even in the right spot? It's supposed to be in the arma 3 directory but I don't know where exactly that is on a dedicated server..... What am I doing wrong? It should be working according to this ......
  2. No I was needing something that would do something only for the killer, like a hint appearing only on the killers screen and not the actual person killed. I'm making a KDR script that would need this for the killer: profileNamespace setVariable ["p_kills", (profileNamespace getVariable "p_kills") + 1]; profileNamespace setVariable ["p_kdr", ((profileNamespace getVariable "p_kills") / (profileNamespace getVariable "p_deaths"))]; titleText [format ["Your KDR is now %1!.\nYou have %2 kills, and %3 deaths.", (profileNamespace getVariable "p_kdr"), (profileNamespace getVariable "p_kills"), (profileNamespace getVariable "p_deaths")], "PLAIN"];
  3. Hello! I'm trying to have a killed event handler that causes a hint / something I choose to be executed on the killer and not the player who is actually killed, however I can't seem to figure out how I would do it. It always seems to only hint to the player killed. Does anybody know how I would make this work? I'm fairly new so idk what the solution to this is.
  4. I'm currently trying to make a script that calls another script when only side is alive in a certain area, i'm not exactly sure how to do this though. I tried this method below but it doesn't detect the player in the radius if they're in a vehicle? help. I mainly just need help detecting players on west and east or by these classnames when they're in a vehicle and out of it in the specified radius. westPlayers = [11205.2,8715.09,0.00143433] nearEntities ["B_Competitor_F", 3000]; eastPlayers = [11205.2,8715.09,0.00143433] nearEntities ["O_G_Soldier_Unarmed_F", 3000]; noEast = (count eastPlayers > 0) && !(count westPlayers > 0); noWest = !(count eastPlayers > 0) && (count westPlayers > 0) waitUntil { (noEast || noWest); }; execVM "scripts\endround.sqf";