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    Thanks for the support mate! Feel free to post as much content as you'd like, we'll get there eventually 😄
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    Lost crowns/guns/

    The Developers have addressed disconnection issues time and time again, and have made various efforts towards refunding/compensating users for lost crowns etc. This is done almost 100% of the time; where a disconnect is sever side (the sever crashes etc. Issue is sever side), though from what I know there are still various issues with people disconnecting via their end - and the solution unfortunately is not simple rolling back your character save - as it is more than likely players would then use that to combatLOG, and/or duplicate weapons etc. In summary, if your connection is not stable it's probably best you avoid purchasing crowns until such issues are announced as fixed - and remember the Devs have been working hard, and respond tirelessly to people everyday on Twitter, facebook, via personal messages, and more. These issues have been known since 1.0, and whilst arguably perhaps Bohemia should have discontinued purchasing of crowns on the store until these issues are fixed, a lot of people including myself (Perth, Australia) simply do not have these issues or at least experience them often enough to completely abandon the practice. If the issues are deemed problematic enough - it is likely we will see a large scale update sometime towards the end of the year that may come with a wipe. This, as far as I know is the only way to fairly return all lost crowns, and it may be more difficult that my initial speculations...
  3. Hey guys, huge Vigor and Bohemia fan here - I've been a founder since day 1, and so I've tried to do everything possible to support the game since its inception; however it's time for something more - I've noticed that the Official Vigor Community is somewhat dead... It hasn't updated its pinned community content in +188 days; nor does the club really engage with the community or reward players by any means. So I, in compilation with a few of the other admins over at DAYZ HQ, we have decided to do just that and create a dedicated Vigor community @The OUTLANDS If you're looking for an active, interactive, rewarding, and professional Vigor community - check us out on XBOX @The OUTLANDS for best Vigor Club experience, giveaways, showcasing, and more. Ps. We literally opened this club TODAY, and so it is very much in its infancy. Often the hardest thing to due with a club, is gain initial traction. So all support, critism, and ideas are more than welcome. Thanks again guys - stay tuned for some give always and promo codes pending 100 followers :)