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  1. Edit the HTML file in your root mission folder
  2. I place normal vehicle trader then change category in inPlayerLocal like so, ["Exile_Trader_Vehicle", ["HubFixingVehicleProne_idle1"], "Change_this_to_the_trader", "AfricanHead_02", [[],[],[],["U_I_C_Soldier_Para_5_F",[]],[],[],"H_Bandanna_gry","G_Squares",[],["","","","","",""]], [11646.1, 4117.23, 164.377], [-0.960024, 0.232079, 0.156504], [0.160897, 0, 0.986971]]
  3. *Server Info* No lockers or virtual garages Exploring and looting are the main aspects as very little is on sale at the trader Nothing is marked on the map you as you must find your own way Missions are available and activated by giving documents to mercenary's(AI) who are set up on the map Hidden loot crates and a crash site are on the map (somewhere) Top/secret documents can be used at airport terminals to find the crate locations Random vehicles you find are persistent and wont despawn (more than likely will need to be repaired) Female characters are available to select through your profile Zombies The odd roaming AI and military points are guarded also *Base Info* Flags cannot be stolen Concrete is indestructible Flag/stands must be crafted Base payments are free and must be made every 14 days, so pay on the 13th day to be safe *Required Mods* CBA CUP Terrains Core CUP Terrains Maps CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles Enhanced Movement Exile Extended Survival Pack Extended Base Mod MrSanchez's Headlamps Zombies and Demons RZ Infection Mulit-play Uniforms CTG Exile Mod X-Cam-Taunus What we have tried to do is hopefully made this server entertaining even from a solo play point of view. Loads of other features which we want to leave for players to discover. At the moment the server is not available through A3L launcher. *IP and Port* 2602 *Discord* https://discord.gg/wMa3SBk
  4. Had a quick look, will check it out again. Also would like the zeds to drop loot. Will have a play around with it tonight. Switched the dead riser on which looks pretty cool but it is leaving a dead corpse as well as the zombie spawning.
  5. Any ideas on a MPkilled script for adding points to players for killings zeds?