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  1. Shosa Nik Wolf

    Movement Speed

    hi, i have been searching the internet for months now for a solution and have not found one. I would like to increase the reverse speed of vehicles because it annoys me that certain tanks, for example, drive only 15 km/h in reverse. therefore my question. does anyone know how I can adjust this 😉
  2. Shosa Nik Wolf

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    hello, i want to include the "Simple bomb defuse" script from M1ke_SK can someone tell my how i can put it in the mission so that all randomly spawned IEDs can be defuse with this system Nik
  3. hi i need help, i want to include this script in a Hearts and Minds mission (IEDs spawn randomly an dynamic) so i want to set a classname from a object how the script is attached on when the object spawn example: null = [IEDLandSmall_F, 10, true, false] execVM "bomb\bomb.sqf"; but this dont running can you help me please to modify the script so that it is attached to every object with a specific classname p.s. sorry for bad english Nik
  4. hey, is it posible that you write a modifiable script what i need just server site? PS: sorry for bad english