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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Of course i know that feature.
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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Armored Vehicles damage from HEAT before Tanks DLC overhaul was excellent and one of the best and realistic implementations of armored warfare in all games, but after DLC it become a complete garbage. Do you even plan to change it? I know you guys mostly oriented on PvE and screenshot-makers who don't care much but it is a pain for PvP oriented players and i wanna talk from their perspective, when RPG's cannot even harm tinfoil BMP after several hits and Bradleys without ERA (and after adding random dispersion it's even worse for infantry players who can't normally beat armored players even after hitting vehicles). Before overhaul armor system you could disable or destroy vehicle depending where you hit at. For example if you hit BMP from left or right flank on passenger seats section you don't do much damage but if you hit crew section it'll be mostly fatal. But right now BMP's can easily tank 1-5 RPG missiles and drive away (and then you can't hit them with random dispersion with a size twice of a vehicle which is a joke), T-72 without ERA sometimes ignoring damage to critical parts and most of HEAT rounds cannot even penetrate Bradley rear door! Even BTR's and BRDM easily capable of tanking solid HEAT rounds and drive away. 9K-133 Kornet which is the one of the devastating HEAT missiles of all cannot harm these tinfoils (mostly default 9M133 missile) but before overhaul best Kornet missiles were capable of challenging even the best MBT's which makes sense (now they cannot overcome oldest T-72). And all of this was tested on clear RHS without multiplayer and i wasn't hitting ERA armor. I know you stick to the system where detroying ammo storage is the only one option to destroy vehicle but it isn't good especially when you cannot penetrate engine area of any vehicle (even trucks and cars without armor using heaviest HEAT's). I wanna ask what changed and why is HEAT so unefective against armored (and even unarmored!) vehicles? Kinetic rounds such as APFSDS works pretty well compared to HEAT's. My opinion is that sticking to ammo storages, adamantium engines and tables of armor from other games like Steel Beasts doesn't work very well and it's need to be done like it was a couple of years ago before Tanks DLC broke it. I still remember these times when you hit BMP in crew section and it isn't ignoring your PG-7VL, it gets critical damage to most parts, kills some of the crew sometimes and even explode like it was from real combat reports from Chechen and Afghan or Syria wars. Now i must spent all of , my PG-7 rounds to just disable this adamantium box and spent leftover rounds taken from my helper who carrying additional missiles for me and it isn't always works. Even most experienced and precise AT players with thousands of hours of AT gameplay can't do much against vehicles these days (my hours count of ArmA is 7700 mostly on RHS with RPG-7 or M136 in hands). I would like to point out that It's crucial to PvP players to completely destroy vehicle than to just disable it because enemy can easily repair them back while you struggle to make some damage on them and spend lots of missiles which numbers are strictly limited and hunting an armored vehicle is simply a very dangerous action. Because of that i noticed many player's crews doesn't even cooperate with infantry players anymore because they feel themselves invincible. Many people would be very grateful if you make armor system works better and more realistic. I think RHS has more than enough content, it's just need polishing because initial quality of the mod sufferred a lot from ArmA patches recently. Thank you if you read it, and sry for poor grammar of my not-native language.