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  1. No problem. Figured it out ;D
  2. Im working on this small mod. I got all of the features i want except a zipline that the player can connect to via addaction/holdaction and travel from one point to another. I know i have seen a working zipline in Arma 3 before in one of Frankieonpc's videos a long time ago, but i have never found a mod or script containing such a feature. This trailer shows what im looking for at the 1:01 mark.
  3. Plantroot

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    Thanks! All of the missions will have their short intro's and outro's with dialouge + custom sounds and lots more. The missions themselves will have features like hacking terminals to deactivate cameras, doors and gates that can be lockpicked, special guards that will search the mission area if a alarm get's set off, destructable cameras, custom death sound for both player and enemies, ambient sounds like wind, industrial sounds randomly playing in the background. I have made 8 out off 14 missions so far. The last 4 missions in the story will be a pain to complete, but hopefully i will find some solution 🙂 Thanks again! Will keep you updated.
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    Thanks! Did that and the chopper stays where it should 🙂 Now for some tweaking of camerawork and animations + that damn uss liberty cargo doors that i can't find the script to open.