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  1. barczyk123pl

    Arma 2+OA -problem with ACE mod

    You really helpful. Thx for that. but if U can tell me more about this mission editing etc. i will be really thanksful. because i dont know how to do it and if U can tell it more clearly it will be great for me.
  2. Hi guys. I really need your help. I cant find anywhere what to do with this problem.. i instaled Ace mod and Cba. when i go to boot camp i cant (shoot with javelin because there is no missile and when i want to aim, i put the launcher down. When im in bootcamp to i cant refuel and rearm my tank when im staing behind trucks. i cant use autoaim missile in heli) sorry for my bad english but i belive in that you have any solution.
  3. barczyk123pl

    Javelin Rockets non-existent

    Yes it is targeting system but i cant find the solution. + what about tank then? and i found another one problem. i dont have autoaiming rockets in heli
  4. barczyk123pl

    Javelin Rockets non-existent

    I have the same problem. In bootcamp in tank mission i can't refuel and rearm the tank too. And i really don't know why. Guys please help. (sorry for my english)