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  1. So i was talking with my friends in-game and was thinking of things they should add ti the next arma game or current arma game. So here is some things i would want in Vanilla Zeus for arma 3 or the next arma game. 1. Voice lines for NPC's -It would be nice if there would be basic voice lines for NPC's such as: Greetings, hostile comments. Nothing too advanced but it would add a nice feature. Possibly triggered by interacting with the NPC or a proximity of for example 5-15 metres radius. Normal voice and shouting would be good 2. They could give you intel. -Also it would be nice if by interacting with them they would hand you a piece of paper/a document what would contain intel(as its already in the game). Would add a lot more options for stuff to do with civilians 3. Option to capture enemies -When a NPC would be shot for example a CSAT soldier. They would surrender and drop their weapon. Interaction menu would have a chance of "Secure" and it would put the npc in zipcuffs. Nothing too fancy. Here is a few we have come up with. Will be updating in the future.