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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I agree, i understand that the real thing needs two people but in Arma its not common to have two people in one plane. Would it be possible to add an option in the editor to chose the owner of the TGP similar to the weapons owner? This would make it usable for everyone. I really like the plane but we cant use it in our missions because of that limitation.
  2. i really like this mod i waited for quite some time to have an playable tucano, thanks for that! Is there a way to make to Targeting POD controllable by the pilot? I usually fly alone and would like to use the TGP from the pilot seat, could you maybe implement this is an option (like a dependable addon)? This would be awesome! It would also help the Singleplayer people!
  3. Hi, i understand why the CCIP reticle is not straight, however it is also not round? Also the Numbers are somehow stretch in hight compared to other aricraft. It looks like the whole HUD is squished togeterh from left to right and also move a little bit up.
  4. Hi Firewill, i really like all of your Aircraft, thank you very much! I just tried out the F/A-18F and F-18G but unfortunately the HUD seems to be squished and off center (see attached screenshots). The HUDs of all other aircrafts form you seem to work perfectly fine. Is there something wrong on my side or is this an bug in th F/A-18F? Regards Trufax42