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    New to terrainmaking

    Thanks! I appreciate it, though I chose to follow The Atlas made by Jakerod! I will surely take a look at the one you sent too! 🙂 Though I have been having an issue with loading into bulldozer, I get the "s_000_000 cannot load" and I don't quite get why it doesn't..
  2. Bob Kilbourne

    New to terrainmaking

    Hello! I've been messing around trying to make a map just for fun, and I have been looking for tutorials how to make maps(terrain) properly. I have made a L3DT heightmap, but I don't know how to proceed and I cannot seem to find any tutorials that help out. Any kind of help would be super appreciated, thanks!
  3. Hi again, I have advanced further in making maps and now I am at a point where I press "bulldozer" in terrainbuilder it says that it cannot load s_000_000, I have looked for a fix but cannot find one. I have followed The atlas guide.
  4. Hello! I'm very new to making vehicle skins, currently I'm trying to skin cars from the D3S mod and, whenever I try out the skin on a vehicle, i realize it's very pixelated. I'm wondering if there's a way to make it so it's not pixelated? So far I've tried highering the resolution of everything, and making things simply bigger. Thanks in advance