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  1. yes, this works perfectly, thx! 🙂
  2. this works perfectly! Thank you very much! :)
  3. wow, that's great. It actually works! Thanks for the post; Belbo!
  4. R0bster

    Force AI to use RPG

    thanks for the detailed answer. Good point, that's right.
  5. wow, what a great and super simple script. Works right away, thanks! 🙂 just download the file, unzip and put it into the mission folder, there you go. 👌
  6. R0bster

    Force AI to use RPG

    wow, incredible, this works! no script, no mod needed, thx a lot! just put "hideObject tank" in the 'on act' of a trigger, set condition 'true', and name the target vehicle 'tank'. I didn't even need the 'doSuppressiveFire'. :)