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  1. HI, I was looking for a way to create a unit that can only be killed with a specific weapon class. Example: General "Tom(unit like a boss)" can only die by shots with a missile launcher, other like pistols, riffles, grenades, etc. they do not harm it. "unit" should have allowdamage false, except with the specific type of weapon (in this example missile launcher) EDIT: Create an unit (Will be the "boss" ) i call him Tom (you choose the name) -in the "boss" init put: this allowDamage false; -Place a Trigger with a size that can cover the boss´s domains, - Select Activation: any player, - Act. Type : present, -Check Repeat (if you change the weapon the boss will be "inmortal" again ) Cond (currentWeapon player isEqualTo "name of weapon") && alive Tom; //this part detects if you have that weapon in your hands (not backpack, hold, etc) and if the "boss" is alive. On Act. Tom allowDamage true; On Deact. Tom allowDamage false;
  2. I m having an error message using the Namalsk Map. First, I tried without any addon or patch and i had this: No Entry for 'bin\config.bin/cfgWorlds/namalsk/WaterExPars.FogColorLightInfluence'. Then i applied the Namalsk Light Patch V2, this solved the previous problem, but created another one: Embedded skeleton building in 'nsts_structures\seb_mine_maringotka.p3d' has different [bones count ] in different p3d files. Skeleton/model 'nsts_a2\hlidac_budka.p3d' will probably not work correctly im creating a mission in Single Player and the doubt is : ¿this error will affect something and someone knows how to fix it?
  3. Hi thanks for reply, my mission is Single Player and i solved it with vDog Feral Scripts by Valmont (this was made for MP but works in SP). My idea is make a mission start like Days Gone 1st Game Trailer when the player ride his motorcycle to a ruined base camp and found roaming wolfs.
  4. Hi, first im sorry, i know that this question was answered to Zagor but for using Feral Dog Packs only (i dont want to start my mission with a dog ) , how exactly the .init file must be edit. I have to put only this code bellow and delete all the codes of the .init or i have to add this at some parts of the .init (what parts should i kept) // ************************** // Create game logic used by JBOY_AIFightsDogs.sqf to force AI to fire weapon ************************************************************************** JBOYDogLogicCenter = createCenter sideLogic; JBOYDogLogicGroup = createGroup JBOYDogLogicCenter; JBOYDogGameLogic = JBOYDogLogicGroup createUnit ["Logic", [0,0,0], [], 0, "NONE"]; Thanks.