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  1. Hi, I've been experimenting with VCOM for quite some time and I'm really impressed by your works. I play with a fairly large group of player (20-30 players), and I recently encountered a problem. I realized two missions for my community, both for around 25 players. The first one went smoothly with greats firefights in an urban setting but we encountered a strange bug on the second one. Despite setting the skills settings of the AI fairly low using the VCOM config init, during the mission the AI suddenly started to become much more effective (most players took head shot from far away and died instantly). Before playing it with 25 players I heavily tested it with just two players and we encountered no such problems. The mission was played using VCOM 3.0.0. Do you have any idea from where the problem might have come from ? My theory is that the AI for some reason switched back to the default VCOM setting, before the script start to modify the values (0.9 if i remember correctly), perhaps because of a server overload. I would love to do more testing but the problem seem to appear only with a large number of players so it is not really practicable. Keep up the good work, VCOM is amazing !