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  1. Rokuruta

    Some problems with CfgSFX

    Just tested the sounds. It worked. Have no words actually. I waste 3 days to find the answer, and just found it because of you, sir. Thank you! btw I'll be using your soundeffects too!
  2. Rokuruta

    Some problems with CfgSFX

    Oh wow! i'll check that out and write here later. Thank you sir!
  3. Rokuruta

    Some problems with CfgSFX

    Thank you so much, I will carefully study this material. But now I would like to get an answer to my question ... please
  4. Rokuruta

    Some problems with CfgSFX

    ive already seen it. Still dont understand...
  5. What's goin' on guys? I want to add sounds from this video to my mission. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any tutorials how to do it. For the third day I am trying to find answers. I downloaded the sound packs and figured out the discription, but I do not know how to activate them in the game. For example, I want the sound to come from a laptop, or a radio in the car. How to do it? (in the case of music, news) Or I want to add sounds of conversations, and that they turn on when I walked alongside (just like in the video) I suppose this is done using a trigger. But what should i write in the trigger itself (on activation)?, Etc. I'd be grateful for any help.