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  1. so ive been playing on this exile server for about a month and everything has been going swimingly until this latest update. now for reasons i cant figure out i get kicked randomly, sometimes within 5 mins sometimes after an hour or so and sometimes not at all. and it is always for a different signature mismatch in an addon file or core file. so what ive done to try and fix this is i first tried validating all my files, reinstall battle eye, validate my mods, and then reinstall the a3 launcher. well that didnt work. so i went and played some koth and that seemed to work no problem. so after that i tried speaking to the server admins and they said that it had to be my files. so i deleted all my mods the a3 launcher and arma 3 and reinstalled everything form scratch onto a new drive and im still having the same problems. it seems to be happening a to a few others on the server but im not sure how many. others say everything is just fine for them. please some body help me as im not sure what to do and i really enjoy playing this exile server. in the mean time im going to see if this happens on other exile servers. i hope theres some answers out there for me.