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    Optional first person mode?

    I agree 100% before you go out and search for a match I t should have the option first person only and then the normal gameplay there is now.

    More loot

    That honestly doesn’t sound like a terrible idea, but remember the whole purpose of the game is not to kill. Killing others is an option. So maybe instead of just leaving with full loot go out and kill others.

    Shooting issue

    I bought the game preview many months ago and really enjoyed the game and it’s concept of you can exit anytime during the match and the objective is basically to survive and get resources for your shelter. I had stopped playing because I ran into an issue with my guns when I would get in a fight. It seemed as if the gun would just jam up or stop shooting. Now I don’t know if the guns jamming is a feature in the game or not. I do not think it is and I believe this to be an issue. Now I just recently started playing again and wow the update is awesome, yet I still have the fun issue where it seems my gun just won’t shoot in the middle of a fight. I got mad and went to the shooting range at the shelter with the same gun and just kept shooting to see if this was an actually feature. Well the gun never stopped shooting. So please fix. Also another major issue I discovered was when you exit a match with your loot whatever ammo you current have in your gun you will lose. Because I always take 60 .45 for my tommy gun and every time I leave without shooting at anyone my magazine is empty and I only have 30 .45 rounds.