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  1. ScoodaDuda

    More loot

    with the increase to loot around the world I think we need a new way to get more, I find myself filling up very quickly and it gives me no reason to risk it for the airdrop making for some pretty quick in and out encounters, id love to see some sort of backpack or accessory we could find in world to be able to carry more, or perhaps a drop box type thing? idk just spitballing here. thoughts?
  2. ScoodaDuda

    headshots/fireing range

    I am unable to get insta headshot kills on the dummies at the range making some of the challenges impossible to get gold on. Not sure if this is just me or if they changed it so headshots are no longer instant death curious about this?
  3. ScoodaDuda


    Im not sure if anyone else is having this issue but i am unable to see the store in game. I know this is a fresh update but curious if its a problem or just me?
  4. ScoodaDuda


    id love to see some rainbow 6 gunplay in this game its honestly so satisfying to play but i just want that deeper dive into the mechanics to really get things going ya know?
  5. ScoodaDuda

    Movement issues

    Id really like to see some upgrades on character movement ability, stuff like stamina bars. Also i dont get why i cant jump some fences but others i can??? just doesnt feel very clean rn.
  6. ScoodaDuda

    Optional first person mode?

    yes please id love a 1st person mode, more intense and skill based, i also wish we could get some more gun mechanics added, like being able to lean left and right to clear corners