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    Bugged Linked Account

    My friend told me that you automatically create a BI account when you launch arma. So apparently I did have a second BI account that was linked with my steam via the arma launcher. I simply joined our unit with my "arma launcher account" and left the other one be.
  2. Hanpuh

    Bugged Linked Account

    don't mind this thread anymore, I resolved the issue.
  3. So I've been playing Arma 3 with my pals a lot lately and we recently made a custom unit. I joined the unit on the website, tried launching arma and the unit didn't show up in the launcher. Apparently I didn't link my BI account to my steam, so I tried to do that but everytime it says that my steam account is linked to a different BI account. (It can't be, since I never made a second account I could link my steam to) So my issue right now is that my BI account thinks my steam is already linked to some account. (probably itself because I got an error when I tried to link it at first) I saw a thread about a very similar issue before when looking up this topic and it got resolved by contacting a moderator. Any help would be very much appreciated! :)