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  1. Recently, a bunch of people, including I, started on the idea for our own server. A server where it’ll be a mix between the carnage of a lenient sever alongside the RP of a hard RP. And so we have created our server: TanoaRP. With our developer MT, we’ve managed to create a server with some rare scripts not seen much on Arma. How to join? Information is on our forums! https://tanoarp.mistforums.com/ Features: - Black Market stocked with rare and expensive weapons. - New Rebel Vehicles, often in the form of junker cars, used specifically for combat in the jungle environment. - Auction House, where one can sell all their spare weapons and gear . - Gold Standard Economy: We use a modified version of the dynamic market system, where everything is based off the real world gold bar price - Gang Capturable Areas: Similar to hideouts, yet they generate revenue instead of a shop for equipment or processing. (Only KOS Zones) - New TPD and Civilian vehicles - CCTV Cameras: Keep your eyes on the city - Gold and Weapon Transports: Steal a hefty haul from the government in the form of gold bars or weapons - Seatbelts: Crashing is now semi-ok! - Safe zones: Never have to worry about being robbed or killed upon joining the server immediately ever again! - Dynamic Drug Dealer: He moves around the map so you must too. And be prepared! He only spawns in KOS zones and sticks around for only an hour before relocating again! - GPS: Always know where you’re going with a voiced GPS telling you where to go! - Skill System: Same system used in a few others, but eventually we’re going to put our own spin on it. - Shipwreck Diving: Find the treasures of the deep by excavating all the sunken ships when they appear! - NLR Timer: No more having to worry about people respawning and rejoining a fight they’ve already lost. - Dedicated Developer and Staff Team, with experience running servers - And more! Just join and experience it all for yourself! Our official Discord : https://discord.gg/ppFfh3t Our TS IP : TO be announced later We plan on releasing at 2 PM EST Tommorow, we hope to see you all then!