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    A little minitage

    I made this a few days ago, the first clip is my favorite a quick scope headshot with the ak http://vm.tiktok.com/eJVb19/
  2. KidSlaughter

    Don't like the new shema system

    If you would like you could add me on xbox I'd be happy to help you I can usually get 1-4 airdrops a day...on a good day that is xD
  3. KidSlaughter

    Be Advised

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/kidslaughter/video/68217926So the other day my friend and I were playing duos and we wondered if the airdrop landed on you would it kill you....so I tested it....and yes...yes it dose xD
  4. KidSlaughter

    Dont know how but...

    In one match I got the vault, became a threat (not by choice), and made it out with the drop, best....match.....ever!!!!!
  5. KidSlaughter

    Single Shot

    I have had this issue and have come to realize your gun dosent stop shooting the sound just glitches out or that's what's happening to me next time the issue occurs look at your ammo count because when it sounds like my gun stops shooting my ammo count gose down and I still end up killing the other player
  6. KidSlaughter

    My one and only issue

    My only issue because I know it's a game preview so the actuall mechanics dont bother me, and I dont know if this has been stated in a previous post, but I got one of my friends to play and end up buying the game playing duos with them was alot of fun, however our only problem was that while in duos the only way you can tell where your teamate is, is by looking at the map we would like to see some sort of icon or something to indicate where your teamate is without having to bring up the map so there for you dont accidentally annihilate your own teamate because they run in to the barred house because your freaking out because you can hear multiple footsteps, haha. Otherwise we love this game!!!!!
  7. KidSlaughter

    1st person ADS weapon sway

    I agree, there is if you look at the control scheme it shows that if you press down the left joystick its supposed to be hold breath however I dont think it works as of right now