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  1. i am already thinking of making a radio trigger to toggle on/off the danger.fsm for this purpose actually.
  2. Your work is impressive! I mostly do SP and script my own missions. ive done a lot of patching trying to make AI more dynamic and smart, like making AI fire rocket at AIR and infantry, raising max ai skill values...always ended up with AI aimbots who insist to act like an idiot in combat. This mod is exactly what i wanted. It dramatically revitalises gameplay. While some may be bothered by how the modded AI teammates are irresponsive to orders, I am more than excited to see my AI teammates actually act like they want to survive. One big suprise is to see that AIs sometimes roll when firing in prone position. Nice touch! Its a shame though i once experienced huge performance loss when 50+ AI try to pathfind their way into buildings near my position. Arma 3 AI just dont like buildings. I ended up having to tweak one of the mod functions to always empty the array of searchable _houses. Hope you dont mind! Really appreciate how neatly your fsm and functions are packed in the mod, and, above all, how much you are willing to elaborate in detail your mod and your insights here.
  3. jfone

    Ryzen 7 2700X performance?

    recently went from i7 3770 to Ryzen 7 2700x. on my PC it can handle 70+ active ai in SP and fps never drop below 60. this 2700x is a beast! I would say the 2700x can handle scripts and AI very well. IF you mostly play pvp instead, it couldn’t give you the same performance of an i7 8th gen would. anyway whatever you choose, i am sure performance will increase a lot. Arma 3 finally can run smoothly with 2018 CPUs. my pc runs 2700x + 1070ti