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  1. A wonderful addition! When does it launch on steam workshop?
  2. Cool thanks! So what does "Thermal" do since I'm guiding the bomb like a TV Missile? Does it change screen to thermal mode?
  3. Hey Skruis, Good to hear you are working on an update, love your mod because it closes the gab between DCS World and Arma for me as a home cockpit user. I do have one christmas wish however, could you please look into exporting the I-TGT MFD from mods like FIR (Firewill)? I'm not sure this is possible, maybe FIR needs to do some work or both of you need a coop which would be awesome! Anyway, I'm flying one of those Thrustmaster MFD's with a tiny display behind it. Right now it has your map running but it would be super cool to run I-TGT on the other. Anyway, thanks for all your hard work!
  4. Dear Firewill, im trying to find a manual for the different I_TGT modes like CC. Do you have it? i do know how GPS and DUAL work.
  5. Hi all, this is quite an old topic but still I haven't found a tool to update my Steam Workshop mods on my server. So I'm running a .PBO with server tool TADS on a dedicated server. I copy pasted my @MODS from my gaming PC to my Arma3Server folder (The server from Steam) and use TADS to start it. All works fine but the problem is that my mods run out of date at some point. Did anyone found a tool after all these years to keep everything up to date?
  6. Hi all, Sorry i'm new and quite a coding noob. I'm running a private server and I unpacked a very complex and rich PBO from an online server. i modified it to suit our clan needs and use it for playing with friends only on a pw protected server. This mission comes with an Admin slot and I cant find where they did the Unit ID comparison for login. The only thing I found was something that appears to dive in a database. Since I'm not such a good coder, I was hoping someone would be willing to drop a Case Switch in the code below so I can add User IDs instead of going through a database which is not mine. Please correct me if I'm wrong, here is the code: // by Xeno //#define __DEBUG__ #define THIS_FILE "initPlayerServer.sqf" #include "x_setup.sqf" #ifdef __DEBUG__ diag_log [diag_frameno, diag_ticktime, time, "Executing MPF initPlayerServer.sqf"]; #endif __TRACE_1("","_this") params ["_pl"]; if (_pl isKindOf "HeadlessClient_F") exitWith { __TRACE_2("","_pl","owner _pl") d_hc_array pushBack _pl; if (time > 10) then { if (!isNil "d_recreatehcs_handle") then { terminate d_recreatehcs_handle; }; d_recreatehcs_handle = 0 spawn d_fnc_recreatehcs; }; }; private _uid = getPlayerUID _pl; if (isNull _pl || {_uid isEqualTo ""}) exitWith { diag_log "Domination ATTENTION!!!!!! A player connected as null object or with an empty UID"; diag_log ["_this", _this]; diag_log "This means the player has not connected properly, resulting in a no unit message!!!!!"; diag_log "This may break scripts!!!!"; if (!isNull _pl) then { remoteExecCall ["d_fnc_remplnounit", _pl]; }; }; if (_pl isKindOf "VirtualSpectator_F") exitWith { if (d_database_found) then { d_virtual_spectators pushBack _uid; }; }; #ifndef __TT__ [_pl, 18] call d_fnc_setekmode; #endif private _name = (name _pl) splitString """'" joinString ""; _pl setVariable ["d_plname", _name, true]; private _p = d_player_store getVariable _uid; private _f_c = false; private _sidepl = side (group _pl); __TRACE_1("","_sidepl") if (isNil "_p") then { _p = [time + d_AutoKickTime, time, "", 0, str _pl, _sidepl, _name, 0, [-2, xr_max_lives] select (xr_max_lives != -1), [0, 0], "", [], []]; d_player_store setVariable [_uid, _p]; _f_c = true; __TRACE_3("Player not found","_uid","_name","_p") } else { __TRACE_1("player store before change","_p") if (_name != _p # 6) then { [22, _name, _p # 6] remoteExecCall ["d_fnc_csidechat", [0, -2] select isDedicated]; diag_log format [localize "STR_DOM_MISSIONSTRING_942", _name, _p # 6, _uid]; }; if ((_p # 9) # 0 > 0 && {time - ((_p # 9) # 0) > 900}) then { _p set [8, [-2, xr_max_lives] select (xr_max_lives != -1)]; _p set [9, [0, (_p # 9) # 1]]; }; if (_p # 0 > -1) then { _p set [0, time + (_p # 0)]; }; _p set [1, time]; _p set [4, str _pl]; _p set [6, _name]; #ifdef __TT__ if (_sidepl != _p # 5) then { if ((_p # 9) # 1 > 0 && {time - ((_p # 9) # 1) < 1800}) then { _pl setVariable ["d_no_side_change", true, true]; } else { _p set [5, _sidepl]; _f_c = true; d_player_store setVariable [_uid + "_scores", nil]; _p set [11, []]; _p set [12, []]; if ((_p # 9) # 1 > 0) then { _p set [9, [(_p # 9) # 0, 0]]; }; }; }; #endif __TRACE_1("player store after change","_p") }; _p remoteExecCall ["d_fnc_player_stuff", owner _pl]; if (d_database_found) then { private _dbresult = []; #ifndef __INTERCEPTDB__ _dbresult = parseSimpleArray ("extdb3" callExtension format ["0:dom:playerGetTS:%1", _uid]); if (_dbresult # 0 == 1) then { _dbresult = _dbresult # 1; } else { _dbresult = []; }; #else // TODO Does the following work? //if (isNil "D_DB_plgetts_query") then { // D_DB_plgetts_query = dbPrepareQueryConfig ["playerGetTS", [_uid]]; //} else { // D_DB_plgetts_query dbBindValue _uid; //}; //_res = D_DB_CON dbExecute D_DB_plgetts_query; if (d_interceptdb) then { _dbresult = ["playerGetTS", [_uid]] call dsi_fnc_queryconfig; }; #endif diag_log ["Dom Database playerGetTS result", _dbresult]; __TRACE_1("","_dbresult") if (_dbresult isEqualTo []) then { // create new database entry for UID __TRACE("creating new db entry"); #ifndef __INTERCEPTDB__ "extdb3" callExtension format ["1:dom:playerInsert:%1:%2", _uid, _name]; #else if (d_interceptdb) then { ["playerInsert", [_uid, _name]] call dsi_fnc_queryconfigasync; }; #endif } else { __TRACE("adding nums played for player in db"); #ifndef __INTERCEPTDB__ "extdb3" callExtension format ["1:dom:numplayedAdd:%1:%2", _name, _uid]; diag_log ["Dom Database extdb3 updating numplayed"]; #else if (d_interceptdb) then { ["numplayedAdd", [_name, _uid]] call dsi_fnc_queryconfigasync; }; #endif __TRACE_1("","_f_c") #ifdef __DEBUG__ _uidscores = isNil {d_player_store getVariable (_uid + "_scores")}; __TRACE_1("","_uidscores") #endif if (isNil "d_set_pl_score_db") then { d_set_pl_score_db = true; publicVariable "d_set_pl_score_db"; }; if (d_set_pl_score_db && {_f_c && {isNil {d_player_store getVariable (_uid + "_scores")}}}) then { __TRACE("Adding score"); __TRACE_1("","_dbresult select 0") __TRACE_1("","score _pl") d_player_store setVariable [_uid + "_scores", [(_dbresult # 0) # 1, (_dbresult # 0) # 2, (_dbresult # 0) # 3, (_dbresult # 0) # 4, (_dbresult # 0) # 5, (_dbresult # 0) # 0]]; [_pl, _dbresult # 0] spawn d_fnc_initdbplscores; }; #ifndef __INTERCEPTDB__ _dbresult = parseSimpleArray ("extdb3" callExtension format ["0:dom:playerGet:%1", _uid]); if (_dbresult # 0 == 1) then { _dbresult = _dbresult # 1; } else { _dbresult = []; }; #else if (d_interceptdb) then { _dbresult = ["playerGet", [_uid]] call dsi_fnc_queryconfig; }; #endif diag_log ["Dom Database playerGet result", _dbresult]; __TRACE_1("","_dbresult") if !(_dbresult isEqualTo []) then { _dbresult params ["_pres"]; if !(_pres isEqualTo []) then { _pres set [1, (_pres # 1) call d_fnc_convtime]; [missionNamespace, ["d_pl_db_mstart", _pres]] remoteExecCall ["setVariable", _pl]; }; }; }; }; _pl spawn { scriptName "spawn_init_playerserver2"; sleep 1; [_this] call d_fnc_addceo; }; #ifdef __DEBUG__ diag_log [diag_frameno, diag_ticktime, time, "MPF initPlayerServer.sqf processed"]; #endif if (d_MissionType != 2) then { _pl addEventhandler ["HandleScore", {_this call d_fnc_handlescore}]; };
  7. I have a question about PBO viewer. I learned that I can use this tool to unpack a .PBO so I can use the Eden Editor to modify the mission and do stuff with it. The thing is I played on a server, downloaded the .PBO from "C:\Users\MyAccount\AppData\Local\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache", unpacked it and opened this .PBO in my Eden Editor. I do get the mission but some equipment is missing like a PC to recruit AI and more stuff like Parachute jump from a flag pole. I do know how to get most of this stuff back in the game but my real question is, does PBO extract gets evertything from the .PBO or is there maybe some obfuscated stuff or am I missing a mod? I did load all the mods I use to play the mission but maybe some stuff comes from the PBO and not from the local MOD? Any help is welcome! EDIT: Found the solution myself, I forgot to copy paste all stuff from my unpacked map to my editor map C:\Users\MyAccount\OneDrive\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\Player1\mpmissions\MissionName.malden
  8. Hi Firewill, I`m a huge Firewill fan and use your mods every day. I do have a request since I`m an A-10C home cockpit user. Would you be able (future relase) to export the MFD`s to a secondary monitor or LAN enabled program so I can drag them on my secondary monitors? Like many home cockpit users (most DSC World), I use Thrustmaster Cougar MFD`s with tiny 8inch TFT screens behind them. In DSC world we can export any gauges and MFD`s to them and use these very nicely. I know this is a huge request for a relative small group of Arma users, but you would go in History as the best Arma 3 modder the world has ever known! Best Regards, Jeroen Picture
  9. Would love to see a similar mod that can run secondary monitors for the MFD`s on the ITC mod from Yax.
  10. jeroenV1982

    Respawn in airborne vehicle

    EDIT: I added this code which seems to work to delete the airplane: player addEventHandler ["getInMan",{ params ["_plyr","","_veh"]; [_plyr,_veh] spawn { params ["_plyr","_veh"]; waitUntil {sleep 2; _veh != objectParent _plyr && _veh distance2D _plyr > 25}; deleteVehicle _veh } }]; I tried this engineOn true; but it doesn't work as you can see in the video.
  11. jeroenV1982

    Respawn in airborne vehicle

    Who... lot`s of unexpected help from many people! Thanks guys! I posted my mission with the plane on ground for now. I will save a copy and re-try to do airborne with these tips. Again, many thanks! There is one more question for the same MP Mission; When I start (Select Respawn Position Enabled in Eden), and I select the airborne slot, I end up in the plane and then get the Map Full Screen. I see myself in the A-10 on the mini map flying and I also hear my engine is on. On the bottom is the respawn box and asks me to select a respawn position which will send my pilot to a user respawn position which I don't want. I also tried to make a respawn position in the plane but this spawns a second plane?? So my question; Can I exclude one slot from having the respawn menu? For all other players it`s great and as intended. Video:
  12. Hi all, I have build a mission with one MP player slot in an airborne A-10C (Eden editor, no script files). When I set the Multiplayer attributes to "select respawn position", the user can select the A-10C and will jump in the airborne A-10C. The problem is that the plane starts an unguided flight-path (although I added a MOVE waypoint) and even starts to role. Another problem is that if I do a manual respawn, I can jump in the A-10C but its engines are off???. I`m high enough so I can start them and fly but in a slow respawn the plane crashes. How to improve this without writing script files? PIC1 PIC2
  13. Hi, I`m trying to use a Saitek X52 Pro. It`s all setup and working but there is one problem with "Nose Up". Nose Up does work but if I zero my stick (let go), the default A-164 nose goes down. Can I somehow trim my joystick for this in Arma or is this a Saitek Issue?