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  1. Oysterizer

    unknown Jet HUD reticule

    Thanks! Is there anywhere that this sort of info is written down? Cheers.
  2. Oysterizer

    unknown Jet HUD reticule

    Thanks for the replies guys, that helps a lot. From that particular screenshot I guess 'no ring' would be when it would be acceptable to engage, since there it is pointing above the horizon. FYI, it's a Gryphon. cheers.
  3. Oysterizer

    unknown Jet HUD reticule

    Thanks stanhope. I notice that there is a counter and that the circle around the reticule retracts and reappears, do you know where I could find info regarding that? I checked the link but's its very generic so wondering if there was something more arma3 related around? cheers!
  4. Hi, Could someone please tell me what the circular reticule marked as #3 here is used for? It also has changing count value displayed above it. Cheers!
  5. Oysterizer

    Advanced AI Command

    Hi, firstly I love the mod. Can you confirm if this can be installed as just a client-side mod, or do I need to add -mod to support it on a dedicated server? Sorry if this has been mentioned all ready I did look through the forum but may have missed this. Cheers.
  6. Oysterizer

    Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    Hi, Is there a way to de-assign a role from a unit, or remove them from a team colour? Cheers.