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  1. Texeiro

    refiiling ammo box

    thanks Mr. H! I ll check your script, but I want a limited cargo in box, not unlimited. I ll explain my whole intention: I want to set an IED factory with this logic: Bombmaker sits in area factory. Bombmaker is alive Bombmaker has material (i.e. C4 in the ammobox) Bombmaker build an IED each 30 minutes and puts it in ammo box. If a player takes 1/2/3 IED´s, and above conditions are still on-------> bombmaker will buil 1/2/3 IED´s in the next 3 minutes.
  2. Hi, Im trying to make a script to refiil an ammo box only with explosives, until a max number. Also, I want to made that when I take some explosives out of the box, the box refill again. What I did: _magazines = count (magazineCargo crate); for [{_magazines=1},{_magazines<=10},{_magazines=_magazines+1}] do { crate addMagazineCargo ["SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag", 1]; sleep 1; hint format ["Total explosives %1",_magazines + 1]; sleep 0.5; _magazines = _magazines + 1; }; That code fill the box, but when I take a cargo out, it doesn´t refill. Could anyone help me?
  3. Texeiro

    Custom Dialog System

    Great! Thanks for sharing!!!!
  4. Texeiro

    AI open and close Bargate

    Maybe this is the starting point to a good use of "Papers please mod" (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1249483448) It has a few interactions and functions: Functions:
  5. Looks good! Is there a way to give more points for killing tanks or planes? Or completing a task? Or give points to the complete side? I know, i m asking too much...sorry 🙂
  6. Great! I will do! "Land_TentDome_F" is missing a string quote ( " ) at its end, and there is a comma ( , ) after last item of the array. One would think it should have errored on those. and here . . . createVehicle command needs a string classname to create. You made _objType an array. createVehicle can't do anything with it. One would think it should have given a "type array, expected string" error on that. I ll check if I could modify this to work. I thought that! At least I am on the rigth path! Thank you very much for your help Opus!
  7. I m doing progres learning about srcipting, reading the forums, editing someone else work, seing tuts on youtube. A few weeks ago I didn´t know what was an Array. True word. Now I m trying to edit the Rawner135 script for camp, tent and camfire spawn. I want to solve two things. First, Put more objects in the composition. And second, the sleep script that doesn´t work n multiplayer as the autor advertised, but I guess that is a vety complex issue. My modification at least doesn´t crash or make an error, just doesn´t work. If anyone could get me a hand on this, will be preciated. Thanks in advance this is the sleep script:
  8. Texeiro

    modify init in spawn

    thank you than k you!!!!!!! I will do it!
  9. I made a simple mission, a boat with reinforcements, wait in open sea for a signal ( three campfires must be ignited at the time) When the signal is made, the boat moves to the beach and unload the passengers. Till here, no problems, but I want that the boat an the passengers appears whenb a task is assigned. Is there a way to keep the vehicle init, the waypoints, the triggers if the all the elements of the mission aren t there at scenario start??????
  10. Jhonnyboy, I will try whit this approarch: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ropeCreate Maybe with this htere s no need to attach a Drone to a box, and allows to lift smaller boxes as I had in mind. regarding setMass, I will try, but I have a lot to learn yet. Thank you!
  11. I made it!!!!!! I used sabotage.sqf by Malak Now the problem is that it seems that player has unlimited charges, like if doesn t take in account soldier inventary , beside there s no charge animation as in the next video: This is the first time that I made a scripting thing work, I knew, I didn´t write a line of code, but still, I m very happy! If someone could help me whit this issues, thanks in advance. EDIT: More!!! I solved it...Magirot addaction is Attach_Charge.sqf. Now works like a charm...Tried MP and works too! If anyone want to try, here{s the sample mission: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/egaz9yx0yqhcy/hundirbarcofinall.Stratis
  12. Hello, sorry for coment on this old post. I was trying to make the trawler sink to a charge explosion, using Magirot sripts, but there is not attachtTo.sqf scrip availabe, so I tried with EoV script: I put this addActionthis addAction ["Place Explosive Charge", "EtV.sqf"];on the trawler object's init. . I couldnt make it work. Please i someone could check what I m doing wrong, I will be gratefull.
  13. Thanks Ex3B, I will try. Johnny, I guess the sunken ship deep, maybe wiil be too much for a rope, but thats a very good idea. If the editor doesn´t allow anything, creativity does.
  14. Hello, I´m new here, and I´m amazed with the powerfull Arma3´s editor. I came form il.2 1946 mission building, and Arma editor it s all I allways dreamed about. Almost everything it´s doable, I have a lot to learn but there is a lot of material in the internet about scripting, etc. Now I´m working in a scenario kinda antistasi , with a guerrilla force trying to recover weapons and material. I´m stuck at two mission: I´m tring to recover a crate from a sunken ship. It´s possible? there´s a way to lift it? The same way I was able to get a cargo get attached to a small civilian plane ( a cessna) but I couldn´t make it to drop. It works in cargo planes as C-130 or heavy helicopters. Maybe it has to do with cargo compartment or cargo door? I got tons more questions regarding scripting, but , step by step, I guess learning curve is slow. Thanks in advance, I hope my english would be ok.