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  1. Texeiro

    Adding code to init object

    Pierremgi, the script works flawlesly, btw. I suggest to those interested to download it, since in the original post the link to dropbox is down and armaholic is also down
  2. Texeiro

    Adding code to init object

    Thank you pierremgi, indeed, that is not "my" script! It is CH´s. Don t want to hickjack Sargeant Roland thread, Ill open a new one.
  3. Texeiro

    Adding code to init object

    I m trying to spawn an specific vehicle type Spawning from a "buy vehicle script" (modified from Adler shop or similar, can t remember) so I guess it s a resáwning. The script that i tried to exe is the CH mmobile hq script. :
  4. Texeiro

    Adding code to init object

    thanks mate! I m having probles setting an addAction to an init in a car spawned trough script. I ll try this.
  5. Texeiro

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Yes, deleted are better 🙄 No. The files were lost because you decided to delete them. Not even Foxhound, the one who had to choose someone appropriate to maintain his legacy. You. There were 150k registered users. How many were disrespectful? 100? You should assume two things. One that all this was for money, there is no need to be ashamed. And the other, that the decision to delete the files was yours, putting yourself in the role of executioner of the knowledge and work of thousands of people. Sadly you´re rigth.
  6. Texeiro

    Adding code to init object

    could you share this please?
  7. Texeiro

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I made a small contribution to the comunity . Foxhound without asking published it in AH. There was no problem, as I wanted to share mi work. Then, I found he was asking for money..... And later his friend (It seems as a second Foxhound account to me) post he deletes all....I guess, that he was afraid about legal problems regarding selling content created by 3rd parties or a rage quit properly form a child. FX owed the community. He was making money sharing content not created by him. no one asked him to share the benefit of this, but at leas he could have had a more elegant output by creating a torrent for example. Justifying your actions is unfortunate. It was always about money. May it serve us as learning as a community. It is a shame the loss, but we will continue forward, creating, sharin, etc.... The world keeps spinning, with or without AH .AH will always be a good memory. Foxhound no.
  8. Hey PAx how are you doing? Ay news you could share ?
  9. Great work so far!!!!
  10. Well, i don't know if this is considered an addon, it just addsnew images to the ACE3 tagging functionality. Anyway, I am happy with the result, although I will continue working with this, adding textures and more images. Thanks to the ACE 3 team, I hope you enjoy vandalizing Arma 3 maps. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2371766923
  11. Hello everyone. I am trying to add some tags to ACE tagging. I made it from the description.ext method and works fine, but I want to make a PBO to share it. I can compress the PBO, but I get "ace_tags.PBO outdated" every time I load a mission. I guess I am making mistakes in the config.cpp so I post it here so someone can help me if possible. Thanks My config: class CfgPatches { class Grafitti { author="Guevara"; name="Grafitti"; url="https://www.arma3.com"; requiredAddons[]= { "" }; version=0.1 versionStr="0.1"; versionAr[]={0,1}; units[]={}; weapons[]={}; }; class ACE_Tags { class yourTagClass { displayName = "My Tag"; // Name of your tag being displayed in the interaction menu requiredItem = "ACE_SpraypaintBlack"; // Required item to have in the inventory to be able to spray your tag (eg. `"ACE_SpraypaintBlack"`, `"ACE_SpraypaintRed"`, `"ACE_SpraypaintGreen"`, `"ACE_SpraypaintBlue"` or any custom item from `CfgWeapons`) textures[] = {"images\che2.paa","images\VP.paa","images\penguin.paa", "images\morito.paa", "images\12MONOS.paa" , "images\12.paa" , "images\canalla.paa",}; materials[] = {"path\to\material.rvmat"}; // Optional: List of material variations (one is randomly selected). Keep empty if you don't need a custom material. icon = "images\ic.paa"; // Icon being displayed in the interaction menu tagModel = "UserTexture1m_F"; // Optional: The 3D Model that will be spawned with the texture on it, can either be CfgVehicles classname or P3D file path. }; }; };
  12. I never had Arma 2 but I ubderstand that there was the ZPU 2 /ZPU 4 heavy machine gun. Could you import it or even better, model one? Your work it s amazing. Thanks a lot for it.
  13. ohhh you read my mind Polpox!! Thank you so much!!!!!
  14. @polpox ; I execute it from the init. I want to use the box A content as raw material for the product in box B . If I got some kind of explosive in box A I could manufacture IEDs in Box B. @tankbuster: sorry I don´t get it, I ´m just a noob with scripts.
  15. yes Polpox, thanks a lot, you re rigth with the classnames. I changedit. Now script show no error but still nothing hapens.