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    Radiation and Tutorial Confusion

    Lol i tailed a guy all the way to his exit and killed 2 people who were camped out near eachother but not aware of eachoter in a frantic confused firefight once we got there. Then a 3rd tail came up behind and shot at me so i killed him too while airdrop guy hid behind a rock. i looted all the bodies and i let him live, i just ran off to another exit and fired aimlessly into the sky to let him know he was safe because the guy was paralyzed in fear and stayed hidden for quite a while. I got loads of metal parts and ammo. An RPK, some heals, and a mosin and he got whatever was in his first airdrop, poor noob. If i was him id be having a stroke.
  2. Daniel Smithy

    Slight kinks

    Right so i have played a fair bit of this game and its quite addicting, but potentially the largest problem i am noticing is when you swap your weapons from one to the other and try to aim too soon the animation appears normal but the crosshair spread is slightly larger and the game sets the zoom sensitivity extremely high until you zoom back out and then back in again. The game doesnt say that its changed anything but its surly noticable when tryng to shoot accurately but instead wildly aiming all over the place. And rather amusingly i find that if im using a bolt or a pump action weapon i have to jump between shots to get them off quicker lol, But other than that nothing much to mention, besides the hilarious thompson animation. When holding the thompsom sub machinegun the characters left hand is entirely fixed in an impossible wrist breaking position no matter how your body is oriented and he never lets go. The game is beitiful though and the starting weapons are actually a solid loadout. The damage settings for all weapons are respectible as they are and bullet trajectories are quite good although the 45 acp seems a bit sluggish, maybe down the line when stuff really starts taking shape you guys could consider adding a night time varient to all the maps and add lootable weapon attatchments too all areas. the game is great keep up the good work