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  1. chrisbaker1981

    Delayed Trigger Response

    Great thanks I'll try this
  2. chrisbaker1981

    Delayed Trigger Response

    Ok thanks, how do you check if you have a script running? I havent intentionally put a script in but you never know with using mods..
  3. Im having a weird issue with all my triggers They all seem to have a delay of about 5 seconds. There isnt meant to be any delays, i have checked in their settings, Usually i like to put a second or 2 delay on triggers if there are multiple tasks being set up so they show in the right order etc. But in this case i dont want delays, the task is to eliminate an officer, when you kill him you sit wondering if he was the correct target for 5 seconds. All the triggers in my mission have this strange delay. Ive tried deleting them and re doing all the triggers and tasks. still have the delay. Is there a general setting somewhere in Eden i switched on accidentally? Its not the end of the world, but it is strange none the less, anyone experienced this before?
  4. chrisbaker1981

    Trigger Condition = Behaviour Change

    OK got it working AI unit named man1 Condition of trigger: behaviour man1 == "COMBAT"
  5. The title says it all I want a trigger to activate when an AI units behavior changes. In my case it will be COMBAT. I have messed around with various things but cant get the syntax correct. Im sure its a simple solution in the condition of the trigger.. Any ideas?
  6. chrisbaker1981


    You could be right, i copy and paste code all the time, but it was something to do with CBA, after loading up CBA and re loading the mission in eden call{this} isnt there in any of the triggers, without me doing anything else.. Weird.. Anyhow, they all seem to be working thats the main thing.. Biggest thing ive learnt is to not start making a mission with mods loaded that i dont intend on utilizing..
  7. chrisbaker1981


    Ah ok thanks pierremgi. That makes sense actually. I switched off CBA half way through making a mission and manually removed the dependency in the mission file, i think it was after this that it appeared in the triggers..
  8. chrisbaker1981


    Has anyone noticed since the update all the triggers have the word call{ and your command } and in the condition instead of simply this its now call{this} Whats up with that? Does it affect the triggers? why have they added call { to the line? I dont understand what its for.. 🙂
  9. chrisbaker1981

    Dynamic Simulation

    Thanks Zaellix Yea ill stick with the dynamic simulation, I just got it right now.. Thing is i also have some units with simulation disabled until i enable withi a trigger but thats for a specific purpose.. ANd also to disable their simualtion with another trigger again for a special purpose. So a blanket script like this might mess that up.. not sure. ANyways thanks for the suggestion..
  10. chrisbaker1981

    Dynamic Simulation

    Ok figured it out So its because all the units are defaulted to wake-up dynamically simulated units, so they are waking each other up! So i just need to uncheck every groups wake up dynamically simulated check box and that solves it. There are a lot of groups to uncheck this setting.. Oh well..
  11. HI there, how you doing? So im using the dynamic simulation option in the performance section under attributes in Eden. I set the distance to what i want, in this case 1500m from the player.. then enable dynamic simulation on the groups i want. Then when i test the mission by spectating with a camera, all the AI units are simulated even though the player is about 10km away. This wastn happening the other night, only since the latest update yesterday is this happening.. Anyone else have any experience with it? Bottom line is i want to know if my dynamic simulation is working or not, The other day before the update the way i would test it is by placing a player unit within the specified radius to activate animation. And if the player is outside the radius the AI would stop animating. Now it seems to be broken.. And im really cross about this, well not really, but it is frustrating when something suddenly stops working and i dont know why..
  12. chrisbaker1981

    Custom Textures

    Ook so my theory is correct, this is the problem, and explains a lot with my past problems with 3d sounds playing softly. My 3d sounds have to be 3d whether you are in 1st or 3rd though so not sure, without using script i can just change the vehicle so you forced to sit in the back as a passenger, like a truck or something outside whether in 1st or 3rd you wil be classed as outside a building so should play full volume regardless... Or i will make the sound only start when player leaves the car.. The scenario is you arriving at an outdoor party with music playing from alittle way off when you arrive. WHen you get out the idea was the music is meant to already be playing a little way away, I will try sort something out. At least i now know what is causing the issue thats allways a good start!! 🙂
  13. chrisbaker1981

    Custom Textures

    So ive replaced the pencils with helipads, well i guess a pencil is an inanimate object anyway. And i still get the problem every now and then. Its too late in the evening for me to test this theory and im not too convinced it will be the problem, but wondering if the sound sometimes struggles if you activate the trigger whilst in 1st person in a vehicle. I know 3d sounds play softer when you inside a building or even softer when you inside a vehicle in 1st person. Ive had it that some sounds dont play at all when you are in 1st person inside a vehicle. Perhaps it gets stuck sometimes and cant switch to its normal volume when you get out the vehicle. Im gonna test it properly when i have time and see. Will let you know 🙂 If it is the problem i can make the trigger a little away so you forced to get out the vehicle before you hear the sound, not ideal. Maybe there is a way to force the engine to just play your sounds at the specified volume no matter if you inside or outside a vehicle.
  14. chrisbaker1981

    AI fall through floor

    Mmmm sounds like a good idea, i got so fed up with it I've done something else 😁 ill give that a go though to see what happens..
  15. chrisbaker1981

    AI fall through floor

    This is the most annoying thing ive found so far for sure!!!! So if i play as a civilian and place myself right next to the action, the AI dudes walk fine up the stairs and to their destination on the high walk ways. If i play as my normal self and stand far away watching with binos, then they fall through the floor as soon as they get to the top of the stairs. Heaven help me! Im gonna loose the plot soon.