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  1. I have a system similar to that. But I'm scraping the idea of landing on rooftops. I'm just making the triggers as big as they need to be. Thanks for your help In closing, no there is no way to capture a sector if a condition is met
  2. Sadly, nothing, we might need to try a different approach
  3. I have placed the code you asked in the condition of the trigger I have placed all the code above in the trigger I have placed the code my friend is giving me from discord Speaking of which, this is his solution, haven't tried it yet 0 spawn { private _groundUnits = []; private _groundUnits_EAST = []; private _groundUnits_WEST = []; private _unitsInArea_EAST = []; private _unitsInArea_WEST = []; private _triggerAreas = [ ['ID_1',[[3100,15235,0],100,100,0,FALSE,-1]], // https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/inAreaArray <----> alternative syntax 3 ['ID_2',[[3100,15235,0],100,100,0,FALSE,-1]], ['ID_3',[[3100,15235,0],100,100,0,FALSE,-1]] ]; while {true} do { _groundUnits = allUnits unitsBelowHeight 10; //this won't work due to the fact that the buildings exits if (!(_groundUnits isEqualTo [])) then { _groundUnits_EAST = _groundUnits select {((side (group _x)) isEqualTo EAST)}; _groundUnits_WEST = _groundUnits select {((side (group _x)) isEqualTo WEST)}; { _unitsInArea_EAST = count (_groundUnits_EAST inAreaArray (_x # 1)); _unitsInArea_WEST = count (_groundUnits_WEST inAreaArray (_x # 1)); // We now have the number of EAST/WEST players in the defined area } forEach _triggerAreas; }; sleep 0.5; }; };
  4. Video of Issue This should help clarify issues
  5. Just threw it in the trigger, did not work :/
  6. They aren't in the "parachute mode" They can still use their weapons They're in a mode of constantly "falling", but as if you were to fall off a building
  7. Sadly this won't work let me clarify, I'm looking for if a player is on the ground in the trigger, then they can cap if (playerIsOnGround) then { allowPlayerToCap(); } I.E. the sudocode above But as far as I've found, there is no way to do this
  8. Sadly, this didn't fix my issue. I think I might have been a bit unclear. I created a script that makes a player fly, if they're above the ground. I only want players that have landed to be able to capture a point
  9. Sorry chief, I already have that sorted out. It's only allowing someone to capture when a condition is met
  10. I have an issue in sector control. I want players to be able to cap an objective IF AND ONLY IF they are on the ground. I tried adding in isTouchingGround player; into my script, but that didn't help me. There are a few work around that I added to a "Example.sqf" for simplicity. /* Methood 1: Pros: Prevents Player from interacting with the trigger Cons: May adjust the trigger size globally */ [] spawn { _triggerWidth = triggerArea _this # 0; _triggerLength = triggerArea _this # 1; _this setTriggerArea [ 0 ,0 ]; waitUntil{isTouchingGround player || !alive player}; _this setTriggerArea [ _triggerLength ,_triggerWidth ]; }; /* Methood 2: Make module Pros: I'd be able to set the trigger condition specificly for capturing the objective Cons: https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/008/342/ihave.jpg */ /* Methood 3: By Far, the best Methood Pros: I'd be able to locally disable the trigger/capture area from some players Cons: I don't think this methood would remove the trigger condition, let alone the sector control area, but it's worth a shot anyways */ [] spawn { _this disableCollisionWith player; waitUntil{isTouchingGround player || !alive player}; _this enableCollisionWith player; } Is there anyway to A. Disable certain players from capturing a sector B. Inject a conditional into a Sector