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    //Save player CP _list = []; {player getVariable "BIS_WL_funds"]} forEach save_funds; profileNamespace setVariable ["save_funds",_list]; saveProfileNamespace; //Load player CP {_x params ["_funds"]; player setVariable ["BIS_WL_funds",_funds, TRUE]; } forEach (profileNamespace getVariable ["save_funds",[]]);
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    The Blacklist (WLAIRequisitonBlacklist) function is for drives only. It would be good to use it on vehicles. UAV vehicles make problems with AI.
  3. Kanas Kanas


    Hi, when playing in LAN mode, after a certain time, some playable units will not be restored after death. Only a low (respawn Delay = 1;) setting is preceded by this problem.
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    Maybe you can help set the sector size to negative values. [- 200]
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    play more!
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    Save progress?
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    I'm sorry, I can not speak English. Example: AI team has two soldiers. If the co-commander (AI) dies and the other is alive, the commander teleports to the unit's position after respawnu. They'll both be there again, and that's a three problem. This code will remove the subordinate soldier.
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    Please consider using this code when respawn AI. It will be more realistic. WL: AI Core if ({alive _x} count units _this > 1 && !(_base in [BIS_WL_currentSector_WEST,BIS_WL_currentSector_EAST])) then { _this setPos position ((units _this) select 1),deleteVehicle ((units _this) select 1); }; or maybe ((units _this) select 1) setDamage 1; We will not be afraid to kill the first commander of the team. Thank you.