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    Hi, when playing in LAN mode, after a certain time, some playable units will not be restored after death. Only a low (respawn Delay = 1;) setting is preceded by this problem.
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    Maybe you can help set the sector size to negative values. [- 200]
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    play more!
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    Save progress?
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    I'm sorry, I can not speak English. Example: AI team has two soldiers. If the co-commander (AI) dies and the other is alive, the commander teleports to the unit's position after respawnu. They'll both be there again, and that's a three problem. This code will remove the subordinate soldier.
  7. Kanas Kanas


    Please consider using this code when respawn AI. It will be more realistic. WL: AI Core if ({alive _x} count units _this > 1 && !(_base in [BIS_WL_currentSector_WEST,BIS_WL_currentSector_EAST])) then { _this setPos position ((units _this) select 1),deleteVehicle ((units _this) select 1); }; or maybe ((units _this) select 1) setDamage 1; We will not be afraid to kill the first commander of the team. Thank you.