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    pboProject error

    Thanks, got through that error. Now it just says error code 31, the missing files are p_000-000_l00.rvmat, p_000-001_l00.rvmat, p_001-000_l00.rvmat, and p_001-001_l00.rvmat. Yet when I look in the directory in named (\c:\users\chewb\appdata\local\temp\data\layers\), I see the files and can open them just fine. I did turn off warnings are errors.
  2. Not sure if this the right place to put this... Hello, I've been fallowing this https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:ultimate-terrain-tutorial and got up to the point where you pbo your files. When I try I get this error. I looked around online for a bit but couldn't find anything about this. scanning for pbos to make.... preprocessing folder gull\gull_test001(pbo) <scanning files to pack> ...... <building a land class list> </land_class> validating gull\gull_test001\source\layers.cfg ok </endscan> Warning, a source\ folder has been moved, do not stop this process till finished <using bis binarise.exe to binarise wrp, p3d or rtms ><copying/crunching to temp> .. Failed. View->output logs for gull\gull_test001 The source\ folder has been restored. It is now 'ok' to exit if you need to. gull_test001.pbo not produced due to error(s) Job(s) completed in 0secs on Wed Aug 26 15:04:37 2020 Thanks
  3. Beans135

    1.98 AI

    I was just wondering if anyone else has their AI behaving differently since the Old Man update? Since the update, the enemy AI start swarming from all across the map. I tried to play TRGM2, DRO, and OPEX, but less than 5 minutes after the first enemies drop there are vehicles coming up from behind me full of guys.
  4. This should be it. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1282716647
  5. Beans135

    Error with config.ccp

    Thank you all for help, I don't know why but it is still not appearing in game. I posted both my model.cfg and my ccp. If you want I can post the model I'm using too.
  6. Beans135

    Error with config.ccp

    I'm not getting anymore errors! But the item does not show up in the arsenal or anywhere else.
  7. Beans135

    Error with config.ccp

    Here is my updated ccp. My new error is:
  8. During initializing addons part of lunching Arma I get this error: File\@Piev3\config.ccp, line 2: '.': '{' encountered instead of '='. Here is my config. If it helps my mod folder is structured as @Piev3\Addons(I have my model.cfg and my config.ccp files here.)\@Piev3.pbo. On a side note when I piggyback off someone else's mod the helmet just floats in the air. I do have a head selection set in object builder. Thanks
  9. Hi, I wondering if you could make an addon that replaced the .p3d files in the same way you can make one that replaces textures. Thanks
  10. Beans135

    Replacing vanilla items

    Thanks for letting me know.
  11. Beans135

    Replacing vanilla items

    Can't you change where an item finds its texture through Object Builder?
  12. Hello, as the title says I am looking to replace some vanilla items with some from a mod but I ran in to a problem. When I swap out a vanilla item with one form the mod when I load up the game it gives me the error "can't load texture VSM_Vests/LBT6094/Textures/VSM_LBT6094_MulticamTropic.paa" However, when VSM is loaded it works just fine. Unfortunately, I can't have the mod loaded as I play on a multiplayer server that doesn't allow that mod. I just want to be clear that all I want to do is replace the appearance of the vanilla items. Thanks