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  1. DyingWhisper

    Zeus wont activate

    Whenever I go ingame to try zeus it does not work. I have mods loaded, including achilles, but when i hit Y it does not load the zeus interface. I have two Gamemaster modules on the map, one owner is set to #adminLogged and the other to owner zeus, and i have a playable character whos role description and variable name is zeus. The map im using is G.O.S N'ziwasogo.
  2. DyingWhisper

    Infinite loading screen and CBRN

    @FallujahMedic -FM- Thank you for the insightful comment, i did infact get in touch with the people who are lending the servers, who figured out that it very much so was a serverside issue, even without mods. Turns out that it never saw the players as spawned in as the multiplayer servers files were corrupted. Thank you!
  3. DyingWhisper

    Infinite loading screen and CBRN

    I can even shoot, and move, i just cant see the screen, because the loading screen is covering it.
  4. When I load into the server i get the infinite loading screen. Then i used the video i use the fix in this and it 'worked', i spawn but the MP loading screen is stuck up, and i can still hear my surroundings. I was also getting this error, 22:23:03 "[CBRN] Warning: 'CBRN_fnc_registerKeybinds' must be called on a client!", but other than that how do i fix this?
  5. DyingWhisper

    Can't hear players shoot

    I happen to own the server of an "open" modpack community, and we are running the server just fine, however i cannot hear players shoot. It is also only I who am afflicted by it. I have already re-downloaded the game and that didn't work. Please help.