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    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I check other units and the unit logo of the guy on the little bird works well, same server that my unit play. Some images https://ibb.co/bU3A4K https://ibb.co/mXfZWz Even i tried to get in on a official Arma 3 server, and the result is the same, i can see other units that their logo works great, but our unit logo doesn't. Some images on the Official Arma3 Server https://ibb.co/e3h9ye https://ibb.co/hNnbde https://ibb.co/c9MDPK https://ibb.co/f0thJe Still having issues with this, please help! Thanks.
  2. Sgt.Matekosh

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Hi, my squad do not have an unit emblem in game, the emblem was working pretty well before. I can't find how to solve this problem, i tried everything changing the png with other emblem, even i delete and create the unit again! I though it was the server where we play together but, nope. The results were the same, no unit emblem in our shoulders, vehicles, nothing. No unit emblem in game... Everything was working good, i have no idea what happened to the emblem. (Same unit emblem requierements when i tried with other logos 512X512, MAX. 300KB PNG) In other words, the emblem dissapeared from one day to another, the whole squad can't see it. Some screenshots before/after the emblem dissapeared. (Im so sorry if my english isn't good) This is our unit emblem, working well right :)? https://ibb.co/nJ5Kj9 In-Game https://ibb.co/dfnArp https://ibb.co/iygEHU https://ibb.co/nyRgxU And here's nothing :( https://ibb.co/iXdGWp https://ibb.co/ipWaP9 Please help! Thank You.